Chicago FLOODS !!!!!!!

July 24, 2010

To bad you have to be down wind of Iowa   !!!!!!! Go to to see how many times Iowa and the USA have been warned !!!!!!!  Chicagoans your Messiah is walking contrary to you all in a FURY  !!!!!!!  I have declared these warnings and prophecies to you all way ahead of time and then our heavenly FATHER brings them to pass just as I had written it  !!!!!!!!  PLAGUES  On you all ! PLAGUES on the USA !!!!!!!  Let our Messiah walk in a  FURY  against you all just as you all are walking contrary to HIM and His ways His laws and His commandments !!!!!!!

STRIKE  them hard with your MIGHTY  ROD Joshua  !!!!!!!  Bust their cities , homes , and lives into POTSHERDS  !!!!!!!

BUST  THEM  INTO  POTSHERDS until they fall on their faces and beg their Messiah for forgiveness  !!!!!!  Hope you all choose the right Messiah out of the over 1001 False Messiahs out there being taught in over 1001 DIFFERENT  brands of ” CHRISTIANITY ” out there You are all   FOR  SATAN , Forsaken !!!!!!!