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St Louis

June 27, 2011

You are the capital of the SHOW  ME  STATE  . A month ago on May 23 rd  I asked you all  if you have  SEEN  ENUF  yet  ?  The Express Authority has been extended was the post . 6 inches of rain in a few hours , giant hail putting cute dimples in your cars , and thunder echoing in your streets without end keeping you awake at night are among the few things to plague you all . How many different thunderstorm complexes have bombarded you since I posted this PEOPLE  OF  ST  LOUIS  ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  How many paid you a visit before I posted this ? Look back at and see how many times I have asked you all questions and pointed out your coming disasters . Come on Joshua IsReal smash them to POTSHERDS with your iron rod , SHOW  THEM  that they are stubborn as Jackasses and will NOT acknowledge YOUR mighty outstretched arm at work in St Louis ? How many times do you have to show them ? The Mississippi  and The  Missouri coming together in St Louis , Oh  boy … and the dams bursting upstream … the levees washing away … gave proof to the fact that your Messiah was right there . You shouldn’t be the show me state but the STATE  OF  JACKASSES .

Someone play CLUMSY  for  me ……………….  I’ll be watchin ya drown  wavin my hand ………… Come on folks of St Louis sing along now  !