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Senator Grassley Of Iowa !!!!!!!

August 14, 2010

I’m calling you out , and I have every right to do so ! You think a quick little letter to me that tells what you can’t do is any answer to what I put in your hands and on your shoulders ? You’ve sat back and watched your State get ravaged again and again and again . You’ve seen your CREATOR preform disasters  again and again and again just as I wrote would happen days ,  weeks , and years in advance and you remain silent . You’ve watched Iowans get washed away and drowned again and again and again .Seen your cities get smashed to POTSHERDS again and again and again exactly as I wrote it ahead of time. Why do you remain silent.You hold in your hands a sure way for Iowans to pick the right Messiah out of the over 10,000 different Messiahs being preached in your district alone. I’m sure you have at least 20,000 “Christians ” in your district and that they are almost everyone of them preaching a different Jes_s !!!!!!!  Come on Senator , you’ve read in your New Testament that Jes_s said He came to make us all ONE  !!!!!!!  What the hell happened to devide us so ? Did you even bother to read any of the letters I sent you ? Anyone tell you you ault to check out my blog ? Or go to to see what I’ve been up to concerning Iowa ?

What are you afraid of Senator Grassley ? Getting re elected or Joshua’s judgement on your soul ? Obama or the people your suppose to serve ? You afraid if you mentioned anything about my letters that you’d get laughed at ? Shot at or have an accident ? You more afraid of the devil then the ONE who will judge your soul ? Do you have any LOVE for those you represent ?

I tell you right now if  you ,Vilsack , or Governor Culver would let the people know what I wrote and said in court that our heavenly Father would start treating the State Of Iowa a whole bunch better and return Iowa to the days of bountiful harvests , yeah even record bumper crops .

You see people  why I have resorted to going very public and shouting on blogs . Cause writting to your elected buttheads was getting anywhere. Writting to newspapers and sending  them my letters wasn’t getting anywhere . So , I have come directly to you all . Are you telling anybody about all the prophesies that have and are coming to pass on my blogs and Facebook ? If you aren’t then what’s your excuse ? You don’t want to give all the glory to our heavenly Father ? Give others a chance to see miracles and sure signs from our Creator coming to pass as they have been written weeks ahead of time ? I know you all have heard many folks say that if they only could see ONE sign from our Father , then they would BELIEVE . You giving everyone you can a chance to decide for themselves if  a prophet is here and our heavenly Father is honoring his words ? I rarely speak of myself , and when I do it is to draw attention to Who sent me !

Yeah , I’m calling you out Grassley because I know you have been consulted as to how to deal with me . I can safely say that you would have voted in favor of keeping your Messiah buried , just as you’d like anything about me buried . You’d rather see the ruination of your State before acknowledging the truth our heavenly Father,Messiah , and Creator Joshua IsReal sent me to deliver to you and the people your suppose to represent .