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Chicago FLOODS !!!!!!!

July 24, 2010

To bad you have to be down wind of Iowa   !!!!!!! Go to to see how many times Iowa and the USA have been warned !!!!!!!  Chicagoans your Messiah is walking contrary to you all in a FURY  !!!!!!!  I have declared these warnings and prophecies to you all way ahead of time and then our heavenly FATHER brings them to pass just as I had written it  !!!!!!!!  PLAGUES  On you all ! PLAGUES on the USA !!!!!!!  Let our Messiah walk in a  FURY  against you all just as you all are walking contrary to HIM and His ways His laws and His commandments !!!!!!!

STRIKE  them hard with your MIGHTY  ROD Joshua  !!!!!!!  Bust their cities , homes , and lives into POTSHERDS  !!!!!!!

BUST  THEM  INTO  POTSHERDS until they fall on their faces and beg their Messiah for forgiveness  !!!!!!  Hope you all choose the right Messiah out of the over 1001 False Messiahs out there being taught in over 1001 DIFFERENT  brands of ” CHRISTIANITY ” out there You are all   FOR  SATAN , Forsaken !!!!!!!


May 7, 2010

I think you all are beginning to understand why your Messiah wrote His commandments  in stone . Look around the world today at the devil’s only kingdom . Riots in Greece because the promises the people were told about their retirements and social security benefits were changed . Their contracts not even written in ink . Just penciled in so that when times got tough all those promised got erased and replaced with whatever .

They worked for that money and paid into that insurance plan the government was holding for them.Protecting and drawing interest until the day they retired.

GM employees worked for 25 to 35 years planning for their GOLDEN  YEARS . Suddenly those protected retirement funds weren’t so protected.Promises broken trust gone up in smoke .Now,in government hands they won’t even get HALF of what they worked for and were PROMISED .

Are any of you paying attention ? The USA is going to have to renegotiate your Social Security benefits . Yeah , you paid in and its been in a special fund drawing interest and it has been the one insurance plan you could go to the bank with . Think again !  Its a contract penciled in !  It can so easily be erased and changed !!!!!!! Ask the Greek citizens who believed their governments promises.Ask your Senators that have been stealing your money and retirements for decades now . What good will an IOU be when you need to feed your family or yourself . Not much nutrition in paper and ya mighht get lead poisoning from the lead .

Your Messiah wanted you to know that He wasn’t going to change His laws or commandments . That you would always know how to get along with Him . That His words are always GOOD . That you would always know how to love Him and show Him you really care .That you can depend on Him and His words . Store your treasures in heaven where crooked politicians can’t steal it and prepare for His kingdom that is at hand .

Remember He said , ” This is NOT  My kingdom …” The devil offered the glory of all the kingdoms of the earth to Him if He would only bow down to him. How do you like the devil’s only kingdom , the earth ? Put your trust in his 401 K’s . Make your plans for retirement from the promise of Social Security benefits like the Greeks did . Don’t forget all the IOU’s stuffed in SS funds . The devil can only write in stone on the Guide Stones in Georgia where he promises to kill SIX  BILLION humans to get down to that 500 million mark .

May 22,2009 Dear Governor Crist

April 30, 2010

The POST this is taken from is at  You really need to chose your Friends  wisely ( Independents ? Candidate with no affiliation or friends ? )… and the crowd your hanging out with won’t be able to help you in your hour of need ( Republicans ) . Cause you desserted them because of your pride .Rubio can’t beat me why I was gonna be Vice President or something ! Your a selfish butthead and in todays world of TRUTHERS and Tea Partiers there’s no room for the insincere,liars,and traitors to their parties for simply selfish reasons.Your a FAKE  Charlie . Plastic as they come . When you lose , run to Obama and kneel down to him for a job .


April 29, 2010

AND  WE  DON”T  HAVE  FAR  TO  LOOK . Right in our own backyard and into the GULF  OF  MEXICO . Second leak at doomed oil platform now pouring 5000 barrels of crude into the Gulf a day  !  42 gallons in a barrel , so , now 220,000 gallons a day pouring into the Gulf Of Mexica and 3 weeks to a month until they can start to do something praticle about it . I just hope they don’t pour genetically engineered bacteria or mold spores on this catastrophy !!!!!!!

When the bottomless pit was opened(The key was the industrial revolution)a great smoke arose as from a GREAT firey furnance and it darked the sun and the moon… The beast that came out of the pit were like locust ( A plague of trillions ) When I looked closer they were like HORSES arrayed for battle and when they moved they made a great noise ( Walls along highways are for the noise ) as of many chariots rushing into battle . When I looked closer still    I   SEEN   THE   FACES   OF   MEN   ( Through the windshields and side windows as they MOVED by me ) . Their power to do harm like a scorpion , in their  TAIL(PIPES) .

To those that are wise consider ; The beast that was ( Dinosaur ) and Is  NOT ( Cause of the flood ) and Yet  IS  ( Petroleum , the spiritual remains of an unholy union of Genesis 6:1-4 ) . When you change petroleum to gasoline you create a by-product called plastic ; It will give IMAGE to the beast so that it can Speak ( CD’s,DVD’s,Cassettes,etc , etc )!!!!!!! Go to  3/4 down that page to Pearl Jam’s  ” Black ” .

PETROLEUM  ; Rub it one way its shingles for your roof , another and its plastic carpet and linoleum , insulation for your walls and ceiling,asphalt from Canada to Chile,Freon or CFC’s for your air conditioning and heating , cloths, whiskey,gin,vodka,aspirin,vinegar,pharmeceuticals,mountains of plastic in your landfills(Garbage dumps),fertilizers,herbicides,pesticides(Synthetic Estrogen sprayed on fruits and crops so men can develope tits),etc,etc,etc !!!  The rich bastards magic elixir !

Most Unusual Storms Headed Into IOWA !

March 13, 2010

I have never seen storm and rain clouds racing westward across two states to hit Iowa City and Iowa on the chin. These storms were racing to the west hundreds of miles to add to Iowa’s flooding problems . Lows usually move to the east with a southerly or northerly track , but today I watched rain and storms travel from Indiana across Illinois and into Iowa racing westward !!!!!!! Are the four winds let loose to plague mankind from every direction . Storms colliding , hurricanes traveling all the way around the world ? 200 + MPH   straight line winds raging across America?

I came to Iowa City to warn the State of Iowa . I came as a prophet and Ambassador of our Messiah,Creator, and heavenly Father , Joshua ( Yehoshua ) . The judge laughed at me and asked me if I was under a doctor’s care . Who is laughing now ? What are ya gonna call this current plague ? The 2000 year flood event of 2010 ? I’m praying real hard Governor Culver for PLAGUES and FLOODS  the likes of which Iowa and this nation have ever seen . Stretch out Your mighty Arm Joshua against Iowa . Pick up Your Rod and strike them so many times I’ll lose count .

Governor Culver , I suggest you get out your prayer rug , Braille , and anything else ya got up your sleeve and pray for the people of your State . Put on sackcloth and ask your constituents to do the same and cry out to the Almighty for forgiveness .

DesMoines Iowa City and Iowa Floods

March 7, 2010

Pass out the rubber duckies Chet . Grab a six pack and play Clumsy by Our Lady Of Peace . I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream quiet or loud . Ya really need a Friend and there’s really nothin funny about this I’ll be watchin ya drown ……. and  Jim  Oldham    and  Jim  Oldham  and  Jim  Oldham  and Jim  Oldham  and  Jim  OldHAM  !!!!!!!

Charlie Crist Commander and Chief Of FL

January 29, 2010

Have you learned Braille and Sign Language yet ? Been to Jerusalem to put in your prayer request for Florida lately ? Petition your Deity to protect your State !!!!!!!!! Your great faith and love of  our Messiah well protect everyone from our Heavenly Father striking Florida with His rod . I don’t think so . I don’t even think you know who the real Messiah is out of the over 1001 different Messiah’s being preached in over 1001 different ” CHRISTIAN ” churches preaching over 1001 different Messiah’s and Gospels , all pointing their fingers at each other and claiming they are the way,truth, and the life and all others well bring you to HELL . Gee, didn’t our Messiah , Yehoshua IsReal , come to make us all ONE ? Are you a Jes-s  soul or an aPaul soul ( Saul ) ?

Here comes the next storm Charlie . Is the State Capital and the Panhandle  ready for the straight line winds,RAIN,floods,hail,and tornadoes ? Try signing or Braille if your deity can’t hear your screams to protect Florida . After all your ranting and raving , calm yourself with some music by Our Lady Of Peace’s song Clumsy … I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin you scream quiet or loud and there’s nothin funny about this and ya really need a FRIEND ( The right Messiah out of the over 1001 Messiahs out there) I’ll be watchin ya drown…and Jim Oldham  and Jim Oldham and Jim Oldham  and Jim  Oldham  and Jim   OldHAMMMM !!!!!!!!

P.S. Did you find the letters I mailed to FORMER GOVERNOR CHILDES right before he went to meet his Maker ?

PPS  I’ll be in one of your Courthouses on 2/5/10 in Vierra , FL and I will be at least a Sovereign , FREEman , and Natural born person . You know what I did in Iowa City , IA  and I will be doing the same in your Courthouse .

PPPS I have a long history of STANDING and declaring my beliefs .US Army in 1977 , Vierra Courthouse in 1998 Mountainside Finance  Vs  Oldham James R page 40 and 41 and in 2003 in Iowa City,IA SRCR066132 I’ve never been bashful about stating my beliefs and our heavenly FATHER has never been shy about backing my words up .

pppps Let us see WhoseSane and whose not ? If this is the People’s nation or ObamaNation ?