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New Dust bowl worse than 30’s,26 Years Of Prophesyand LEVI ticus 26

June 22, 2011

Gee , check out for why it has been 26 years of prophecying . 26 years of our FATHER sending me to prophesy and warn Americans to relent and repent , TURN  AROUND !  Wake up and smell the carcasses decomposing under the debris fields . They were thrown on the lifeless forms of their idols . I have been warning YOU  ALL  for years and years . Geocities , ” . The Tares and the wheat ” and on this blog since 2007 . I prophesied the Mississippi River flooding a year ago . I warned Clarksville and Nashville before that Great  Flood that destroyed Opryland ; Little Rock , Memphis , Nashville Express , HIGH  TREASON , and 15 Inches is NOT enough . At ( Reallyelijah ) on April 14th one of my first post there was for Joshua Isreal to pick up HIS iron rod and start smashing the heartland to POTSHERDS  AGAIN  AND  AGAIN   AND  AGAIN .  I  HAVE  DONE  MY  JOB  !!!!!!!  COCK A   DOODLE  DOOOOOOOOO   ,  WAKE  UP  and stop hitting the snooze button !  You ALL  red in the face from me slapping the pork crap out of you  ALL  ?  You  ALL  can’t understand why your LOVING  MESSIAH  would do this to you and your churches ?  AFTER   26  YEARS  it has come to this …. AND  AFTER  ALL  THIS and you still will  NOT  obet  ME  and walk  contrary  to  ME  ,  I  WILL  WALK  CONTRARY  TO  YOU   ALL   IN  A   FURY ( LEVI  ticus  26 : 28 )  .  A  FURY  !  A  FURIOUS  MESSIAH !  I  WILL  LAY  YOUR  CITIES   WASTE … SMASH  THEM  ALL  TO  POTSHERDS  OH  FURIOUS  MESSIAH ,  OH  FURIOUS  FATHER  ,  OH  MIGHTY  JOSHUA  ISREAL  !!!!!!!  OHHHH  SAY  CAN  YOU  SEE  BY  THE  PATH  OF  ALL  THOSE  DEBRIS  FIELDS  , AND  THE   CARCASSES  STENCH ,  AND  THE  TORNADOES  RAINING  DOWN  GAVE  PROOF  THAT  THEIR  NECKS  AND  HEARTS  WERE   STILL  MADE  OF  IRON …