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July 13, 2010

Belief well get you into heaven , save you from judgement and hell ? Those possessed that our Messiah , Joshua , ran into all declared Him Master ! They ALL believed Joshua to be the Messiah , Creator , and heavenly Father . Does that mean that those demons are saved ? I think NOT ! For their belief needs to include all HIS laws,commandments,ordinances , precepts ,and judgements . That they are GOOD for the soul and life perfect and full of mercy !!!!!!!

Abraham was accounted righteous cause he kept our Messiah’s words , His laws, commandments, precepts,ordinaces, and judgements( Genesis 26:5)

Your belief in your Redeemer must be complete , you can NOT pick and choose a verse here and a verse there , but all His words . Keeping ALL  His  words ( Matthew 5 :17-22 ) well not earn your way into heaven , but well show Him how much you love Him with all your heart,mind,soul,and body . How much you believe !!!!!!!

How much do you love your holy  REDEEMER ? Enough to keep His Sabbath’s ?

To honor your mom and dad ?

To pray for those who hurt and abuse you? To forgive them ?


To be cast into the oven before bowing to false deities ?

To love the brother you can see ?

To cast away your pride and admit that you need His help ?

To pull the forest,planks,and lumber from your eyes so you can see clearly enough to help your brothers and help rid them of the tiny speck of sawdust in their eyes?

To lean on His Comforter that He sent to us , yeah even the Spirit Of Truth to instruct  us  in all righteousness ?

To love everything about Him , every word , every miracle ?