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When the LEVEE Breaks .

June 7, 2011

Iowans , how are your levees holding up ? Is it time to RUN yet ? Hey Governor Branstad , is it time to start signing yet ? Writting your prayer request in Braille to your deaf and dumb deity you are praying too to save your state from disaster ? How many miles of Levees are going to fail this year ? The BIG  MIGHTY  MO  does  NOT come close to describing the mighty raging Missouri River . Do the people in Hamburg , Iowa wanna borrow my rubber duckie ? Hey , if I’m ever again in an Iowa Courtroom again , are you Governor Branstad , going to grant me Diplomatic Immunity as an Ambassador Of Our FURIOUS Heavenly  FATHER ? As a  WET  SCREECHING  PARROT of our Messiah ? I’m afraid you chose the wrfong Messiah to pray to out of the over 10,001 false ones to choose from ! Guess again and again and again , and step right up and make a spectacle of yourself . Whats your take on your Judges legislating from the bench , legal same sex marriages ? Must not bother you to much our you wouldn’t have run for Governor of the PIG Capital of the world . How many County Fairs are going to have pig shit fights this year ? How sad .

At any rate I’d like to request a song from Our Lady Of Peace . Yeah , CLUMSY  !  You might as well get use to the words Terry . I’ll be watchin ya drown  wavin  my  hand watchin ya scream quiet or loud and ya really need a friend ( Please choose the right FRIEND ( Messiah ) out of the over 10,001 false ones being preached in over 10,001 DIFFERENT  BRANDS  OF  CHRISTIANITY  ( Boy , Americans have nothing on the Hindus and their 10001 deities ) ) !!!!!!!  Thee’s nothin funny about this … I’ll be watchin ya drown   wavin  my  hand  watchin ya scream …………..  and  Jim  Oldham     and  Jim  Oldham     and  Jim  Oldham …….

Oh Little Rock Again Oh Austin Again .

May 21, 2011

I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream quiet or loud ……………… OH  LITTLE  ROCK  .  AGAIN !


May 9, 2011


Go  to  my  posts  here of  May 24th , 2010  , almost ONE  YEAR  TO  TODAY  !!!!!!!!  SCREECHING  FLOODING  GOIN  ON  IN  MEMPHIS  .

Go to my post here for  MARCH  10th , 2010  for  more on Memphis flooding . Where do Nashville’s and Clarksville  flood  waters go to ?  The  OHIO  RIVER  that dumps into the Mississippi  River  Basin . Where’s  Little  Rocks  flood waters go to .  Sit  in  Memphis and play  some  BLUES  as  the Mississippi  FLOOD  WATERS  RISE  AND  RISE  drowning them Memphis Blues .

Go to my post of October 8 , 2009  No  More Mr Nice Guy  GIANT  WAVES  crashing way  way  way  inland !!!!!!! Much  much  more .  How about some music as we watch prophecies unfolding before our eyes ? Yeah , CLUMSY by Our Lady Of Peace …  I’ll be watchin ya drown  wavin my hand … Ya really need a FRIEND and I just hope you pick the right Messiah out of the over 100001 false ones out there ! … I’ll be watchin ya drown …  and  Jim  Oldham     and  Jim   Oldham …

March 10,2010 Little Rock to Memphis to Nashville Express

May 1, 2011


Oh Little Rock how sad your plagues and no one screaming to their REDEEMER , JOSHUA  ISREAL . Oh  Memphis  ,cry me a river , and Nashville , where is your shame . I climbed the steps and went to the Governors office with my most recent prophetic letters . Gave them to Shannon at WKDF , sent them to newspapers and TV stations , but silence was their reply . So, now I post on my blog sites , here and . I also post on and so that EVERYONE  can  see  and believe . UNMEASUREABLE  SHAME  ON  YOU  ALL  for keeping silent and denying the GLORY  TO  YOUR  FATHER  and sure signs for your brothers and sisters to witness  and  believe .

All you truckers along this EXPRESSWAY  OF  OUR  FURIOUS  LAMB  of  Leviticus 26:28 and 31 , trade your trucks for tugs and barges  !!!!!!!

I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream… and ya really need a FRIEND ( I just hope you pick the right ONE out of the over 10,001 DIFFERENT  MESSIAHS  out there being preached in over 10,001 DIFFERENT  BRANDS  OF  CHRISTIANITY  BEING  PREACHED  IN  OVER  10,001  DIFFERENT  BRANDS  OF  CHURCHES ) . Stop  makin fun of the Hindu religion , you all have more different  deities then they do !!!!!!!

……. and cast your carcasses on the lifeless forms of your idols Leviticus 26:30

I’ll be watchin ya drown ….  ( At the end of song )  … and  Jim  Oldham    and  Jim  Oldham …….Our Lady OF PEACE  CLUMSY .


February 19, 2011

Senator Grassley , Ex Governor Vilsack, and Governor Culver ,

SHAME  SHAME  SHAME  on you all  !!!!  UNMEASUREABLE  SHAME  on the people for not STANDING  UP  and shouting for CHANGE ! All I hear out of Iowa other than ALL the plagues to strike you all is Homosexual Unions and HOGS , like that is the ONLY thing to strike you alls fancy ! An uncleanliness and sodomy has become one of Iowa’s favorite passtimes , or so say the courts !  Like that’s all to report from Iowa .

Well, how about 2 years in a roll with 500 year flood events !  THREE  out of the last 4 YEARS with 500 YEAR  FLOOD  EVENTS  !!!!!!!!  Like , when are you gonna declare DISASTER your middle name and this is all common weather for an UNHOLY state of the union .

Go figure , I guess I shouldn’t kick at a sleeping dog huh ? What the pork is wrong with you all anyways ? Your all so sick , I wonder if you all have a pulse at all .

This is got to be the year of  floods , earthquakes , and tornadoes for Iowa . Throw in a few more ICE STORMS to boot !!!!!!!   PORK YOU  ALL,

                                                                                 a parrot

ONE Question I Asked Of Governor Chet Culver Of Iowa .

August 3, 2010

Hey  CC ,

That Mighty Outstretched Arm Of  The  REDEEMER , Holy ONE  IsReal . Chet , I asked you , if  , I  was ever again in a Courtroom in Iowa if you’d grant me Diplomatic  Immunity as a parrot of our Creator ? I only asked of ya ONE  question can’t ya give me an answer ? jim , Oh by the way play CLUMSY for me so ya have some music to dance a jump around like a lunatic having a seizure trying to get the attention of a deity that can’t hear or see . Did ya learn BRAILLE yet ? are ya signing to beat the band for those storms to quietly pass you by .


May 2, 2010

Nashville how many times did I play for you , but , you would not dance ? Did the Governor Of Tennessee send me a letter apologizing for failing to acknowledge the packet of letters I sent his office in late Dec 1987 ( 12/22/87) ? Did I not meet with Senator Sassers representative in Clarksville , TN in early 1990 and tell her that even as she IS Senator Sasser , she IS his representative . That I am G_d . If the things written in these letters don’t come to pass , don’t worry about it . BUT , if they do come to pass , YOU  HAVE  SPOKEN  TO  G_D !!!!!!!  In that Courthouse that later got struck by a tornado , that letter can be found at . FLOODS   THE   LIKES   OF   WHICH   WE   HAVE   NEVER   SEEN . Devastate the South worse than the Civil War did…Put Federal troops in the South’s  State Capitals so they can have an excuse for ignoring States and We The Peoples  RIGHTS !!!!!!!  POUND  THEM  INTO  SUBMISSION  !!!!!!!

Athena is NOT flooding you  !!!!!!!   Look  at my earlier POST ;  Little  Rock Memphis Nashville Express and High  Treason  !!!!!!!

21  inches  is  NOT  enough  !!!!!!! To open the people’s eyes so that they can see !!!!!!! To give glory to their Creator !!!!!!! To fall on their knees and wail to their Father for forgiveness !!!!!!!!  To pick the right Messiah to pray to out of the over  1001 false messiahs out there in the over 1001 DIFFERENT   brands  of ” Christian ” churches out there.

In the meantime you all need to play CLUMSY  by  Our  Lady  Of  Peace !!!!!!!  I’ll be watchin ya drown  wavin my hand watchin ya scream quiet or loud Ya need to find a FRIEND ( Your Messiah , Joshua ) Ya need to let HIM  in I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream quiet or loud !!!!!!! …and there’s nothing funny about this …  and  Jim  Oldham   and  Jim  Oldham   and  Jim  Oldham  and Jim  Oldham  and  Jim  OldHAM  !!!!!!!!!!  Gee , ya think  Our  Lady  Of  Peace  read  my letter  to  Senator Sasser ?

Most Unusual Storms Headed Into IOWA !

March 13, 2010

I have never seen storm and rain clouds racing westward across two states to hit Iowa City and Iowa on the chin. These storms were racing to the west hundreds of miles to add to Iowa’s flooding problems . Lows usually move to the east with a southerly or northerly track , but today I watched rain and storms travel from Indiana across Illinois and into Iowa racing westward !!!!!!! Are the four winds let loose to plague mankind from every direction . Storms colliding , hurricanes traveling all the way around the world ? 200 + MPH   straight line winds raging across America?

I came to Iowa City to warn the State of Iowa . I came as a prophet and Ambassador of our Messiah,Creator, and heavenly Father , Joshua ( Yehoshua ) . The judge laughed at me and asked me if I was under a doctor’s care . Who is laughing now ? What are ya gonna call this current plague ? The 2000 year flood event of 2010 ? I’m praying real hard Governor Culver for PLAGUES and FLOODS  the likes of which Iowa and this nation have ever seen . Stretch out Your mighty Arm Joshua against Iowa . Pick up Your Rod and strike them so many times I’ll lose count .

Governor Culver , I suggest you get out your prayer rug , Braille , and anything else ya got up your sleeve and pray for the people of your State . Put on sackcloth and ask your constituents to do the same and cry out to the Almighty for forgiveness .

Washington DC FLOODING !!!!!!!

March 10, 2010

Obama nation’s capital needs a good thorough WASHING  OUT  !!!!!!! Oh heavenly Faather hear the cries of a nation in Anguish , ” Save us from the evil that sits on the throne in DC !!!!!!!”!!!!!!! Show have the people and nations who they should FEAR , it is NOT the bastards in DC who have the devil as a father  !!!!!!! It is you , our only true Father , our Creator , and Messiah Joshua ( Yehoshua ) who we have should fear and listen to . Out of the infinite depths of Your love rain down on them death and destruction the likes of which they have never seen . So that we the people , the nations , and the world would know who they should be bowing down and worshipping ! Who they all should be praising and giving all glory to !!!!!!!  You Almighty Holy ONE   ISREAL  !!!!!!!

Atlanta Flooding Georgia flooding !!!!!!!

March 10, 2010

I have a song request . Please start playing a song by Our Lady Of Peace , CLUMSY and break out the rubber duckies . I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream quiet or loud ya really need a Friend ( Joshua or Yehoshua) there’s really nothing funny about this and ya need to let HIM in. I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand listen to you scream  quiet  or loud ….. and  Jim  Oldham   and  Jim  Oldham   and  Jim  Oldham   and  Jim  Oldham   and  Jim  OldHAM  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!