OUR COURTS , Where is JUSTICE , and who is to BLAME ?

Who is protecting the Orphans and the Widows ?  Protecting the  RIGHTS  of  We The People against corporations that some suggest are people ? Contract Law can have have ONE signator for a legal contract ? Just how far does UCC 1-207 protect you from enterring into hidden contracts and partial clauses ? When you make your Common  Law  RIGHTS  reservation , does the court have an obligation to honor it under UCC 1-103 ? Can I be tricked into answering the calling of my name ? Am I there as a human being with ALL my Common  Law  RIGHTS  protected ?  Or  am I there as one of the parties of  my  TRUST  ? What  party  ?  Should I bring my own bottle ?

I came forward as  James  Oldham , a natural  born  human being  FREED  by  our  LAMB  and  Messiah , but , the court thought I was something  else . Their property , a subsidiary corporation or  fiction  I  AM   NOT  ! They want me to raise my hand  and  SWEAR  to  tell  the truth , but , you ask them just what kind of law they are practicing under and receive silence , not a word . They are practicing under  TRUST  LAW , admiralty/maritime , Roman Civil , and the Uniform Comercial Code . Take your pick , but , don’t suppose you’ll get the TRUTH  from  OUR   Courts . No  ! Chicanery , trickery , lies , and deceit  where their only goal is to ROB you of your hard earned labor . Laborers in their fields is ALL you are to them .

Are you the Trustee  ,  Beneficiary , or Trustor  of  your  Trust ? Are you going to testify against yourself ? Prosecute yourself ? How can  ONE  defend  themselves if they don’t know what  RULES  or  LAW  they are operating  under ? Are those judges a secret  CULT  of  priests sworn to secrecy ? All rise or ALL  bow  ,  what is the difference ? I must worship the ground the judge walks on and kiss his black robe ? Become my own  ACCUSER  ?

Just how far does a timely  reservation of my Common Law  RIGHTS  under UCC 1-207 and 1-308  go ? Why include this in the Code if the judges won’t honor it ? When they call your name are you still protected from hidden contracts and clauses ? Do you have to ask just what the Court is calling forth ? A slave cause of my request for a certificate of live birth and my social security number ? The vessel , JAMESOLDHAM ? The FICTION ? The STRAWMAN ?

How have OUR  COURTS , that our heavenly FATHER Instituted by Jethro and Moses suggestion , become a DEN  Of  THIEVES ? DECEIVERS ? THUGS ?

What is this THING  they  throw around ?  The  RULE  OF  LAW  ? Whether Criminal , Civil , or traffic if there is no Common  Law  Rights there can be no  CONSTITUTION or Bill  Of  Rights . No hope for JUSTICE . If there are no rules , no laws , no rights then the Court can do anything they want with you . Throw you in FEMA  CAMPS or in the oven makes no difference to them . They have to many USELESS  EATERS  anyways .

Pick up your smart phones and rocks and get busy , for it is you all who is to BLAME for this INJUSTICE . Can you try someone who is NOT present in the Courtroom ? Yet , I have seen them do so ! Call forth witnesses to testify that the one accused can never cross examine ! Whatever happened to the right to face your ACCUSER and question them ? To a FAIR and IMPARTIAL  trial ? You sit watching your god broadcasting your favorite team and do nothing . You sit and watch your god tell you how to react and think . What to say and do . You all  are pathetic . You should be in your  LEGAL   HALLS  OF   SHAME  demanding  JUSTICE  ! SHOUTING ,  I   AM  ALIVE   !!!!!!!  WITH  RIGHTS   AND  FREEDOMS   !!!!!!!  I  am  NOT  a  dead thing  !  A  FICTION   !!!!!!!   Your   PROPERTY  !!!!!!! Judge Majeed threw out any hope of the appearence of a FAIR  and  IMPARTIAL  trial  by answering for  Deputy Wendy Crowe and refusing to let her answer my questions . I almost asked Judge Majeed if they ( The plaintif and the judge ) were a  TAG  TEAM ? Justice to the left of you JUSTICE to the right , speak when you are spoken to and don’t pretend your right .CONSTITUTION   SCREW UP , SENT ( By our heavenly FATHER ,  ( Oldham is pronounced ODUM ) (  to spill the beans ,  this lifes not for living , its for fighting and for war , no matter what the TRUTH is , HOLD  ON  to what is yours ….. Hold on ,ODUM , wait maybe the answer is looking for you , HOLD   ON  ,  ODUM , SONSHINE  shine on you , SONSHINE  shine on through …( Yes, 90125  HOLD  ON )

Go to Vierra , Florida and the Moore  Justice  center and demand the digital recording of 8/11/11  at 0900 in Judge Majeed’s courtroom 3A  ,   THE  STATE  OF  FLORIDA  Vs  JAMES  RICHARD  OLDHAM  05-2011-031478-AXXX-XX . I spoke up ! I demanded my rights and for the Court to protect them not run roughshod over them . I requested the State Of Florida  recognise that I am an AMBASSADOR  of  our  heavenly  FATHER  and grant me Diplomatic  Immunity  . A request that went totally IGNORED , as if it was not a reasonable or valid request . Is  FLORIDA  in  battle  against  me and Who  I  represent ? Does FLORIDA  choose to ignore  their  CREATOR  ? Is  FLORIDA  refusing to recognise We The Peoples  religious freedoms ?

What have you Floridians  allowed your State and Courts to become ? You are lost . You don’t know what your FOREFATHERS  fought for anymore . You all have become as  PLASTIC  as  the digital recording of that proceeding .

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3 Responses to “OUR COURTS , Where is JUSTICE , and who is to BLAME ?”

  1. Yasmine Hisrich Says:

    Great review! You actually covered some curious things here. I came across it by using Bing and I’ve got to admit that I already subscribed to the site, it’s very great 🙂

  2. James Oldham Says:

    Well, thanks Yasmine , I really try to hold judges and the courts to some semblence of JUSTICE . Unfortunately , all I’ve run into is a mockery of that word . jim

  3. pwhuqp Says:

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