To The Folks In Atlanta .

Why   HELLo  HOTlanta  ,

How   YOU   ALL  doing . How many times have I warned you all ? and you are a State Capital and home of a most weird and distrustful  CNN  and those scientist loving weather channel . So close to the sacred owl ,  mom nature , and the Guidestones . Looks like an army marching into Atlanta again ! It’s not about the amount of rain , but , the amount of wind , straight line and NOT and the size of the hail ………  and the destruction coming out of the air  …  the  purplr  radar  returns … give  proof of the FACT  that Joshua was  striking  right  there … oh  how long well  MY  children not repent … just what do I have to do … and  to le do to !

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One Response to “To The Folks In Atlanta .”

  1. James Oldham Says:

    Someone play CLUMSY by Our Lady Of Peace … I’ll b e watching you blow away waving my hand as ya fly by me , watching you scream quiet or loud … and ya really really really need a FRIEND ( If the messiah your praying to isn’t working , make THREE guesses for a nickle you all have over 10,001 false messiahs to choose from , being preached in over 10,001 DIFFERENT ” Christian ” Churches out there . Come on step right up now and MAKE A GRAND OL SPECTACLE of YOU ALLS . Make sure ya leave me a comment to show your appreciation ) . Ha Ha Ha Ha I’m laughing my head off so much I feel like a young chicken again . Cock a doodle dooo COCK A DOODLE DOOOOOOOOOOOO have ya come to kill the rooster yet ?

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