Governor Terry Branstad Of Iowa

Hey Terry,
Those days are here.Tell the Judges they can only marry same sex people on rainy days and Mondays ! Get out your prayer rug , jump up and down on one leg ! Start signing and put your petitions in Braille to that deaf and dumb deity your praying to to protect your great state of Sodomy and hogs from FLOODING along the Missouri River. Have you looked out your window lately ? Create jobs by starting rubber ducky factories , your constituents are your market . Play CLUMSY by Our Lady Of Peace for me will ya ? Come on now Terry and sing along … I’ll be watching you drown waving my hand watching you scream quiet or loud there’s nothing funny about this and ya really need a FRIEND ( Terry you need to pick a different Messiah to pray to as the one you’ve picked isn’t working for you , but don’t worry you won’t run out of false messiahs to choose from anytime soon as there’re at least a thousand more to choose from )… I’ll be watchin you drown ( Watching your levees fail and dams bursting ) Waving my hand watching you scream quiet or loud ( Screaming doesn’t seem to be working for ya either and this is where signing and Braille comes in handy)…and at the end of this song … and Jim Oldham and Jim Oldham ….

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