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St Louis

June 27, 2011

You are the capital of the SHOW  ME  STATE  . A month ago on May 23 rd  I asked you all  if you have  SEEN  ENUF  yet  ?  The Express Authority has been extended was the post . 6 inches of rain in a few hours , giant hail putting cute dimples in your cars , and thunder echoing in your streets without end keeping you awake at night are among the few things to plague you all . How many different thunderstorm complexes have bombarded you since I posted this PEOPLE  OF  ST  LOUIS  ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  How many paid you a visit before I posted this ? Look back at and see how many times I have asked you all questions and pointed out your coming disasters . Come on Joshua IsReal smash them to POTSHERDS with your iron rod , SHOW  THEM  that they are stubborn as Jackasses and will NOT acknowledge YOUR mighty outstretched arm at work in St Louis ? How many times do you have to show them ? The Mississippi  and The  Missouri coming together in St Louis , Oh  boy … and the dams bursting upstream … the levees washing away … gave proof to the fact that your Messiah was right there . You shouldn’t be the show me state but the STATE  OF  JACKASSES .

Someone play CLUMSY  for  me ……………….  I’ll be watchin ya drown  wavin my hand ………… Come on folks of St Louis sing along now  !

To The Folks In Atlanta .

June 22, 2011

Why   HELLo  HOTlanta  ,

How   YOU   ALL  doing . How many times have I warned you all ? and you are a State Capital and home of a most weird and distrustful  CNN  and those scientist loving weather channel . So close to the sacred owl ,  mom nature , and the Guidestones . Looks like an army marching into Atlanta again ! It’s not about the amount of rain , but , the amount of wind , straight line and NOT and the size of the hail ………  and the destruction coming out of the air  …  the  purplr  radar  returns … give  proof of the FACT  that Joshua was  striking  right  there … oh  how long well  MY  children not repent … just what do I have to do … and  to le do to !

New Dust bowl worse than 30’s,26 Years Of Prophesyand LEVI ticus 26

June 22, 2011

Gee , check out for why it has been 26 years of prophecying . 26 years of our FATHER sending me to prophesy and warn Americans to relent and repent , TURN  AROUND !  Wake up and smell the carcasses decomposing under the debris fields . They were thrown on the lifeless forms of their idols . I have been warning YOU  ALL  for years and years . Geocities , ” . The Tares and the wheat ” and on this blog since 2007 . I prophesied the Mississippi River flooding a year ago . I warned Clarksville and Nashville before that Great  Flood that destroyed Opryland ; Little Rock , Memphis , Nashville Express , HIGH  TREASON , and 15 Inches is NOT enough . At ( Reallyelijah ) on April 14th one of my first post there was for Joshua Isreal to pick up HIS iron rod and start smashing the heartland to POTSHERDS  AGAIN  AND  AGAIN   AND  AGAIN .  I  HAVE  DONE  MY  JOB  !!!!!!!  COCK A   DOODLE  DOOOOOOOOO   ,  WAKE  UP  and stop hitting the snooze button !  You ALL  red in the face from me slapping the pork crap out of you  ALL  ?  You  ALL  can’t understand why your LOVING  MESSIAH  would do this to you and your churches ?  AFTER   26  YEARS  it has come to this …. AND  AFTER  ALL  THIS and you still will  NOT  obet  ME  and walk  contrary  to  ME  ,  I  WILL  WALK  CONTRARY  TO  YOU   ALL   IN  A   FURY ( LEVI  ticus  26 : 28 )  .  A  FURY  !  A  FURIOUS  MESSIAH !  I  WILL  LAY  YOUR  CITIES   WASTE … SMASH  THEM  ALL  TO  POTSHERDS  OH  FURIOUS  MESSIAH ,  OH  FURIOUS  FATHER  ,  OH  MIGHTY  JOSHUA  ISREAL  !!!!!!!  OHHHH  SAY  CAN  YOU  SEE  BY  THE  PATH  OF  ALL  THOSE  DEBRIS  FIELDS  , AND  THE   CARCASSES  STENCH ,  AND  THE  TORNADOES  RAINING  DOWN  GAVE  PROOF  THAT  THEIR  NECKS  AND  HEARTS  WERE   STILL  MADE  OF  IRON …

Governor Terry Branstad Of Iowa

June 9, 2011

Hey Terry,
Those days are here.Tell the Judges they can only marry same sex people on rainy days and Mondays ! Get out your prayer rug , jump up and down on one leg ! Start signing and put your petitions in Braille to that deaf and dumb deity your praying to to protect your great state of Sodomy and hogs from FLOODING along the Missouri River. Have you looked out your window lately ? Create jobs by starting rubber ducky factories , your constituents are your market . Play CLUMSY by Our Lady Of Peace for me will ya ? Come on now Terry and sing along … I’ll be watching you drown waving my hand watching you scream quiet or loud there’s nothing funny about this and ya really need a FRIEND ( Terry you need to pick a different Messiah to pray to as the one you’ve picked isn’t working for you , but don’t worry you won’t run out of false messiahs to choose from anytime soon as there’re at least a thousand more to choose from )… I’ll be watchin you drown ( Watching your levees fail and dams bursting ) Waving my hand watching you scream quiet or loud ( Screaming doesn’t seem to be working for ya either and this is where signing and Braille comes in handy)…and at the end of this song … and Jim Oldham and Jim Oldham ….

New Dust Bowl WORSE than 1930’s !!!!!!!

June 8, 2011  Yeah another slap in the face !

New Dust Bowl Worse Than The 1930’s .

June 8, 2011

Somewhere about a year to TWO years ago I wrote a post about a new dust bowl worse than the 30’s . I said that the East Coast would get flooding rains and severe thunderstorms but as they look at the dust storms in Texas , New Mexico , Colorado , Oklahoma , Kansas , Nebraska , and IOWA  and the dust blowing their way … If  anyone finds it , please bring it to my attention . It could be at or yahoo .Your parrot ,jim

When the LEVEE Breaks .

June 7, 2011

Iowans , how are your levees holding up ? Is it time to RUN yet ? Hey Governor Branstad , is it time to start signing yet ? Writting your prayer request in Braille to your deaf and dumb deity you are praying too to save your state from disaster ? How many miles of Levees are going to fail this year ? The BIG  MIGHTY  MO  does  NOT come close to describing the mighty raging Missouri River . Do the people in Hamburg , Iowa wanna borrow my rubber duckie ? Hey , if I’m ever again in an Iowa Courtroom again , are you Governor Branstad , going to grant me Diplomatic Immunity as an Ambassador Of Our FURIOUS Heavenly  FATHER ? As a  WET  SCREECHING  PARROT of our Messiah ? I’m afraid you chose the wrfong Messiah to pray to out of the over 10,001 false ones to choose from ! Guess again and again and again , and step right up and make a spectacle of yourself . Whats your take on your Judges legislating from the bench , legal same sex marriages ? Must not bother you to much our you wouldn’t have run for Governor of the PIG Capital of the world . How many County Fairs are going to have pig shit fights this year ? How sad .

At any rate I’d like to request a song from Our Lady Of Peace . Yeah , CLUMSY  !  You might as well get use to the words Terry . I’ll be watchin ya drown  wavin  my  hand watchin ya scream quiet or loud and ya really need a friend ( Please choose the right FRIEND ( Messiah ) out of the over 10,001 false ones being preached in over 10,001 DIFFERENT  BRANDS  OF  CHRISTIANITY  ( Boy , Americans have nothing on the Hindus and their 10001 deities ) ) !!!!!!!  Thee’s nothin funny about this … I’ll be watchin ya drown   wavin  my  hand  watchin ya scream …………..  and  Jim  Oldham     and  Jim  Oldham     and  Jim  Oldham …….