The Express Authority has been extended.

Dallas Ft Worth to Little Rock to Memphis to Nashville Express Authority is really really flowing . One of the exit/ entrance ramps got really congested in Joplin yesterday as the TOLL  was raised . Which cities well be smashed to POTSHERDS today ? Pine Bluff to Memphis ? St Louis have you seen enuf yet ?

D.C. ONE of your days of reckoning is upon you . OUR  FURIOUS  FATHER , for all the blood of the Elect  D.C. is responsible for , let blood flow in her streets . For ONE sin and for ONE more as she walks contrary to YOU , Joshua IsReal , WALK  CONTRARY   TO  THEM  IN  A  FURY .

Yet , for all of this , remember YOUR  promises of old to Ephraim and Manasseh , and gently use YOUR  staff to gather in YOUR  rebellious  children who  RELENT  and  REPENT .

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