March 10,2010 Little Rock to Memphis to Nashville Express


Oh Little Rock how sad your plagues and no one screaming to their REDEEMER , JOSHUA  ISREAL . Oh  Memphis  ,cry me a river , and Nashville , where is your shame . I climbed the steps and went to the Governors office with my most recent prophetic letters . Gave them to Shannon at WKDF , sent them to newspapers and TV stations , but silence was their reply . So, now I post on my blog sites , here and . I also post on and so that EVERYONE  can  see  and believe . UNMEASUREABLE  SHAME  ON  YOU  ALL  for keeping silent and denying the GLORY  TO  YOUR  FATHER  and sure signs for your brothers and sisters to witness  and  believe .

All you truckers along this EXPRESSWAY  OF  OUR  FURIOUS  LAMB  of  Leviticus 26:28 and 31 , trade your trucks for tugs and barges  !!!!!!!

I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream… and ya really need a FRIEND ( I just hope you pick the right ONE out of the over 10,001 DIFFERENT  MESSIAHS  out there being preached in over 10,001 DIFFERENT  BRANDS  OF  CHRISTIANITY  BEING  PREACHED  IN  OVER  10,001  DIFFERENT  BRANDS  OF  CHURCHES ) . Stop  makin fun of the Hindu religion , you all have more different  deities then they do !!!!!!!

……. and cast your carcasses on the lifeless forms of your idols Leviticus 26:30

I’ll be watchin ya drown ….  ( At the end of song )  … and  Jim  Oldham    and  Jim  Oldham …….Our Lady OF PEACE  CLUMSY .

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