A FURIOUS LAMB , Joshua IsReal

Leviticus 26 :28 … After ALL this and you still walk contrary to  ME  ,  I  will  walk  contrary to you  IN  A   FURY and Leviticus 26 : 31  I  WILL  LAY  YOUR  CITIES  (  Memphis )  WASTE  and I will bring your sanctuaries to desolation ….  Arkansaw  can you count the tornado warnings ? Little  Rock how many tornadoes will rain down on you ?  Save the gas Weather Channel and stay home recording your desolation , cry out to your mother nature and see if she can save you from desolation . Watch out Tennessee for your  FURIOUS  CREATOR , Joshua IsReal has HIS  rod in hand and is going to lay your cities waste . How much HE would rather have used His staff .

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One Response to “A FURIOUS LAMB , Joshua IsReal”

  1. James Oldham Says:

    Clarksville and Nashville better batten down the hatches . Oh say can you see by the path of the debris field . How many will be smashed and drown ? I’ll be wavin my hand watchin ya drown watchin ya scream quiet or loud and ya really need a friend ( I just hope you pick the right Messiah out of the over 10,001 DIFERENT MESSIAHS being preached in over 10,001 DIFFERENT BRANDS of ” Christianity and churches out there . What happens when you cry out to the wrong messiah ?

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