Senator Grassley , Ex Governor Vilsack, and Governor Culver ,

SHAME  SHAME  SHAME  on you all  !!!!  UNMEASUREABLE  SHAME  on the people for not STANDING  UP  and shouting for CHANGE ! All I hear out of Iowa other than ALL the plagues to strike you all is Homosexual Unions and HOGS , like that is the ONLY thing to strike you alls fancy ! An uncleanliness and sodomy has become one of Iowa’s favorite passtimes , or so say the courts !  Like that’s all to report from Iowa .

Well, how about 2 years in a roll with 500 year flood events !  THREE  out of the last 4 YEARS with 500 YEAR  FLOOD  EVENTS  !!!!!!!!  Like , when are you gonna declare DISASTER your middle name and this is all common weather for an UNHOLY state of the union .

Go figure , I guess I shouldn’t kick at a sleeping dog huh ? What the pork is wrong with you all anyways ? Your all so sick , I wonder if you all have a pulse at all .

This is got to be the year of  floods , earthquakes , and tornadoes for Iowa . Throw in a few more ICE STORMS to boot !!!!!!!   PORK YOU  ALL,

                                                                                 a parrot

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