2nd 500 year flood to hit IOWA in 2 years !

Its obvious that your Governor’s prayers to protect you all from the flooding rains isn’t working . You think it might be time for you all to get your elbows and knees muddy ? Do you Iowans even know who to pray to ? If your Christians do you know what brand of church has the right Messiah ? You ever think they might all be full of false messiahs ? There has got to be over 10,000 different BRANDS of “Christian” churches out there , which means they are all preaching at least 10,000 different messiahs out there . You would think with so many different “Christian” churches and messiahs to choose from that Iowa would be in good shape ,but, you aren’t looking for a brand of ice cream and this isn’t Baskin Robbins were talking about here.

Come on Iowans , I’ll give you three guesses for a nickle ! Who can chose the right Messiah out of the over 10,000 different ones in your state ! Come on you hog lovin , same sex marrying , and gay loving folks , step right up and make a spectacle of yourselves !

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One Response to “2nd 500 year flood to hit IOWA in 2 years !”

  1. James Oldham Says:

    I love gay people but then again I love everybody so don’t get all fuzzy and warm. Chet ya you Culver , your my favolrite elected butthead and I love you.I just love the way your all over your state reinforcing your leevees , dams , and BRIDGES, its a never ending nightmare huh ? By the way Chet , that letter that I wrote to Vilsack and he ignored is on your shoulders now and ya know our Furious Messiah is looking over it and seeing what you are gonna do about it. You ask Senator Grassley why he is so silent on the matter as he got copies of most all my letters too.Why hasn’t he said anything about them ?

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