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Senator Grassley Of Iowa !!!!!!!

August 14, 2010

I’m calling you out , and I have every right to do so ! You think a quick little letter to me that tells what you can’t do is any answer to what I put in your hands and on your shoulders ? You’ve sat back and watched your State get ravaged again and again and again . You’ve seen your CREATOR preform disasters  again and again and again just as I wrote would happen days ,  weeks , and years in advance and you remain silent . You’ve watched Iowans get washed away and drowned again and again and again .Seen your cities get smashed to POTSHERDS again and again and again exactly as I wrote it ahead of time. Why do you remain silent.You hold in your hands a sure way for Iowans to pick the right Messiah out of the over 10,000 different Messiahs being preached in your district alone. I’m sure you have at least 20,000 “Christians ” in your district and that they are almost everyone of them preaching a different Jes_s !!!!!!!  Come on Senator , you’ve read in your New Testament that Jes_s said He came to make us all ONE  !!!!!!!  What the hell happened to devide us so ? Did you even bother to read any of the letters I sent you ? Anyone tell you you ault to check out my blog ? Or go to to see what I’ve been up to concerning Iowa ?

What are you afraid of Senator Grassley ? Getting re elected or Joshua’s judgement on your soul ? Obama or the people your suppose to serve ? You afraid if you mentioned anything about my letters that you’d get laughed at ? Shot at or have an accident ? You more afraid of the devil then the ONE who will judge your soul ? Do you have any LOVE for those you represent ?

I tell you right now if  you ,Vilsack , or Governor Culver would let the people know what I wrote and said in court that our heavenly Father would start treating the State Of Iowa a whole bunch better and return Iowa to the days of bountiful harvests , yeah even record bumper crops .

You see people  why I have resorted to going very public and shouting on blogs . Cause writting to your elected buttheads was getting anywhere. Writting to newspapers and sending  them my letters wasn’t getting anywhere . So , I have come directly to you all . Are you telling anybody about all the prophesies that have and are coming to pass on my blogs and Facebook ? If you aren’t then what’s your excuse ? You don’t want to give all the glory to our heavenly Father ? Give others a chance to see miracles and sure signs from our Creator coming to pass as they have been written weeks ahead of time ? I know you all have heard many folks say that if they only could see ONE sign from our Father , then they would BELIEVE . You giving everyone you can a chance to decide for themselves if  a prophet is here and our heavenly Father is honoring his words ? I rarely speak of myself , and when I do it is to draw attention to Who sent me !

Yeah , I’m calling you out Grassley because I know you have been consulted as to how to deal with me . I can safely say that you would have voted in favor of keeping your Messiah buried , just as you’d like anything about me buried . You’d rather see the ruination of your State before acknowledging the truth our heavenly Father,Messiah , and Creator Joshua IsReal sent me to deliver to you and the people your suppose to represent .

2nd 500 year flood to hit IOWA in 2 years !

August 14, 2010

Its obvious that your Governor’s prayers to protect you all from the flooding rains isn’t working . You think it might be time for you all to get your elbows and knees muddy ? Do you Iowans even know who to pray to ? If your Christians do you know what brand of church has the right Messiah ? You ever think they might all be full of false messiahs ? There has got to be over 10,000 different BRANDS of “Christian” churches out there , which means they are all preaching at least 10,000 different messiahs out there . You would think with so many different “Christian” churches and messiahs to choose from that Iowa would be in good shape ,but, you aren’t looking for a brand of ice cream and this isn’t Baskin Robbins were talking about here.

Come on Iowans , I’ll give you three guesses for a nickle ! Who can chose the right Messiah out of the over 10,000 different ones in your state ! Come on you hog lovin , same sex marrying , and gay loving folks , step right up and make a spectacle of yourselves !


August 4, 2010

Again again and again !!!!!!!  Gee gettin to be more than a one night stand ! Smash them,flood them ,and blow them down , send hail tornadoes, and 500 year flood events to the land of  terrible judges , hogs and  GAY  PRIDE . Oh , and 500 year flood events every few years . Oh heavenly Father strike Iowa with Thy mighty ROD again and again and again . This is NOT the time to hold back Father , be that FURIOUS MESSIAH  Ya promised in Leviticus 26 : 28 . Certainly the people in Iowa are walking contrary to YOU and have let stand the judges ruling of legal same sex marriages in Iowa !!!!!!! Next thing ya know they’ll start marrying hogs .

ONE Question I Asked Of Governor Chet Culver Of Iowa .

August 3, 2010

Hey  CC ,

That Mighty Outstretched Arm Of  The  REDEEMER , Holy ONE  IsReal . Chet , I asked you , if  , I  was ever again in a Courtroom in Iowa if you’d grant me Diplomatic  Immunity as a parrot of our Creator ? I only asked of ya ONE  question can’t ya give me an answer ? jim , Oh by the way play CLUMSY for me so ya have some music to dance a jump around like a lunatic having a seizure trying to get the attention of a deity that can’t hear or see . Did ya learn BRAILLE yet ? are ya signing to beat the band for those storms to quietly pass you by .