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Chicago FLOODS !!!!!!!

July 24, 2010

To bad you have to be down wind of Iowa   !!!!!!! Go to to see how many times Iowa and the USA have been warned !!!!!!!  Chicagoans your Messiah is walking contrary to you all in a FURY  !!!!!!!  I have declared these warnings and prophecies to you all way ahead of time and then our heavenly FATHER brings them to pass just as I had written it  !!!!!!!!  PLAGUES  On you all ! PLAGUES on the USA !!!!!!!  Let our Messiah walk in a  FURY  against you all just as you all are walking contrary to HIM and His ways His laws and His commandments !!!!!!!

STRIKE  them hard with your MIGHTY  ROD Joshua  !!!!!!!  Bust their cities , homes , and lives into POTSHERDS  !!!!!!!

BUST  THEM  INTO  POTSHERDS until they fall on their faces and beg their Messiah for forgiveness  !!!!!!  Hope you all choose the right Messiah out of the over 1001 False Messiahs out there being taught in over 1001 DIFFERENT  brands of ” CHRISTIANITY ” out there You are all   FOR  SATAN , Forsaken !!!!!!!


July 24, 2010

Governor Culver ,

CC the mighty outstretched arm Of JOSHUA   ISREAL . Genesis , TONIGHT  TONIGHT  TONIGHT ,  OLDHAM   !!!!!!!  Well , TONIGHT Tonight  Tonight  OLDHAM  Well  Tonight  tonight  tonight  OLDHAM  Vs  STATE  OF  IOWA  SRCRO66132  I demand Diplomatic Immunity as a prophet and Ambassador  Of  Joshua  ISREAL  our Creator , Messiah , and heavenly FATHER .

Play a little Our Lady Of Peace , CLUMSY  , I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream quiet or loud  …  and ya really need a FRIEND ( Choose the right ONE out of the over 1001 false messiahs out their !!!!!!! ) Pray real loud now cause maybe your deity is taking a nap or on vacation or WHISPERING  TO  EVE  IN  THE  GARDEN  !!!!!!!    I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream …  and  JIM   OLDHAM  …  and  JIM  OLDHAM  … and Jim  Oldham …….

Chet , maybe Vilsack is gettin Alzheimers or somethin , he never seems to learn . It was my decision repeated 100 times in a roll makes people doubt that he came up with this on his own. Oh well, I’ll be watchin ya drown … and  Jim oldHAM   !!!!!!!


July 14, 2010

Many have asked me about the final world government and who it is we should fear . They search the headlines and browse the net . They research the Masons , Bilderbergs,CFR , Trilateral Commission , and a bunch of conspiracy theories . They look everywhere but in their BIBLES !!!!!!! Tell me who in this world has been right everytime ? Told us ahead of time about every major event ? Warned us and has been right on everytime ? Told us of things thousands of years ahead of time ? What does He say about the beast and the woman that rides it ? There are 100’s of verses telling us who she is and what that beast with SEVEN heads and 10 crowns is !!!!!!!

You might also want to crack your history books open a bit !  Find out who King Charlemagne , the Habsburg Kings , Otto , Frederick Barbarossa , Charles V , Napolean , and Hitler had in common and how cozy they were the Popes of their days . Yes , as the book of Daniel tells us the 4th and final beast , The ” HOLY ” ROMAN EMPIRE( Rome ) will have SEVEN ( Heads ) revivals . Six revivals have already taken place ( The last one under Hitler ) and the last revival will start soon . The Inquisitions of Italy and Spain in the 14th 15th and 16th centuries accounted for 40 million deaths of so called heretics , most burned at the stake . Gee , wasn’t hardly a Protestant found in Italy and Spain when they were through . The last Emperor of The Holy Roman Empire , Hitler set out to kill off every Jew in Europe and started the killing off of Orthidox Christians in Russia . You don’t suppose Hitler was possessed by satan do ya ? Allowed by our Creator to punish those that have knowledge of Him and walked contrary to Him . His chosen people , the Jews and the lost ten tribes of Isreal .

Think of all those gas chambers that couldn’t keep up with the demand, the bodies of the dead and half dead piling up all around as the Ghettos in Poland were being ” CLEANED ” out .  The ovens working overtime . Mass graves in many different places .

The LAST  EMPEROR of the final Holy Roman Empire will be a man of fierce countenance !!!!!!! He will make Hitler look like a choir boy . The beast will be the 10 Kings of  united Europe and the Assyrians ( Germany , the leader and strongest ) will be the driving force behind that UNHOLY Roman Empire and whoever wears the crown will be totally possessed by satan and he will kill wonderfully with nuclear weapons . The glue that binds the 10 kings together will be the last and final Pope ( Vatican ) , The Catholic Church of Satan .

When the USA and Israel attack Iran , Europe will let it be known that if Russia attacks Israel and the USA that  Europe will stand down and in fact be happy ( German Generals have stated that they would never allow the USA to stop them from ruling the world again ) . Why is Britain selling us out ? Cause their hand is out to Germany for Financial help and made the USA stand down if  NUKED ! Its the policy and law of the USA ( Check out the Social Security Act of 1994 ) .

Nukes are much more efficient ethnic cleansers than gas chambers and ovens . When Germany goes to war they are revealed to be the brutes they are and oh how brutal they will be and in the end they will think to stand up to and fight our Creator , Messiah , and heavenly Father to their deaths that will come without hands .

Look for the final revival of The ” Holy ” Roman Empire to be a worldwide catastrophe the likes of which this world has never seen . Look at the death camps in Germany of  WW II to be a preview of what is coming .

Who will be at the top of the list to be done away with . Protestant Christians and Jews those who say they know our heavenly Father but don’t !!!!!!!  Because they say ,” I  KNOW  HIM ! ” and walk contrary to Him they will be taught how wrong they are . If they don’t believe in our Messiah and Creator , Joshua then at least believe in the devil by the bible or you will know him by the suffering he is going to bring to you and this world . Through experience your eyes will be opened !!!!!!!


July 13, 2010

Belief well get you into heaven , save you from judgement and hell ? Those possessed that our Messiah , Joshua , ran into all declared Him Master ! They ALL believed Joshua to be the Messiah , Creator , and heavenly Father . Does that mean that those demons are saved ? I think NOT ! For their belief needs to include all HIS laws,commandments,ordinances , precepts ,and judgements . That they are GOOD for the soul and life perfect and full of mercy !!!!!!!

Abraham was accounted righteous cause he kept our Messiah’s words , His laws, commandments, precepts,ordinaces, and judgements( Genesis 26:5)

Your belief in your Redeemer must be complete , you can NOT pick and choose a verse here and a verse there , but all His words . Keeping ALL  His  words ( Matthew 5 :17-22 ) well not earn your way into heaven , but well show Him how much you love Him with all your heart,mind,soul,and body . How much you believe !!!!!!!

How much do you love your holy  REDEEMER ? Enough to keep His Sabbath’s ?

To honor your mom and dad ?

To pray for those who hurt and abuse you? To forgive them ?


To be cast into the oven before bowing to false deities ?

To love the brother you can see ?

To cast away your pride and admit that you need His help ?

To pull the forest,planks,and lumber from your eyes so you can see clearly enough to help your brothers and help rid them of the tiny speck of sawdust in their eyes?

To lean on His Comforter that He sent to us , yeah even the Spirit Of Truth to instruct  us  in all righteousness ?

To love everything about Him , every word , every miracle ?