The RAPE and PILLAGE of Iran !

See for this warning !  I ran and I ran  and I ran , but , I did NOT run far enuf fast enuf . Oh well , kiss my ass goodbye !!!!!!!  You say hello and I say goodbye , goodbye  goodbye , goodbye to all you ragheads , NOT  !!!!!!! The  USA  has a strange bedfellow , and its not even alive !!!!!!!  What a time to turn into a whore !!!!!!!  Who turned your truths to fiction ? Your breath to type ?Your blood to words ? Your birth to death ? Sound reason to insanity ? Your labors for nothing and your checks for free ? When nothings redeemable how can we be free ? Let me be Lazarus and raise me from the dead ! Give me back my certificate of a live birth ! Redeem me from the stock market ! Breath life into my nostrils and I well sing my songs of praise to you from the heights day and night ! On this earth there is no legal tender for my labors and this is GOOD  for me , cause compensation for my labors is recorded in heaven where I grow richer by the day !

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