We have an ancient wound down in the Gulf of Mexico at the Yucatan Penisula , an ancient comet or meteor splash down . It created a fract6ure inh a circle around it , and Haiti is at its edge . Every 150 years or so the New Madrid fault lets loose roughly along the Mississippi River. Is this a warning that the North American plate is going to split in two on a line of the Mississippi River to the drilling site that has exploded and in line with the old crater at the Yucatan ? Was it wise to be drilling along that line ? Was BP  drilling there on purpose ? Did they do some very stupid things to encourage that explosion ? Are they seeing other holes opening up along that fracture line ? A super volcano erupting in our backyard ? A plate splitting in two and causing giant tidal waves ? Every mountain and every island well be moved out of its place . Are astronomical amounts of volatile organic compounds spewing out of that pit ?

IS   IT   TIME   TO   START   RUNNIMG   YET   ?????????????????

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2 Responses to “BEAR WITH ME FOR A MINUTE !!!!!!!”

  1. camera Says:

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  2. James Oldham Says:

    Rev 6 : 14 Then the sky rolled back as a rolled up bscroll ( Ozone layer )and EVERY MOUNTAIN AND EVERY ISLAND WAS MOVED OUT OF ITS PLACE . A whole lot of shakin goin on !!!!!!!

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