WATCHIN THE MISSISSIPPI BASISD IN MAJOR FLOODING WATERS GOIN BY , oh my !!!!!!! Got lucky again you say . Well here’s another ONE  for the Holy  ONE  OF  ISREAL . and none but a major , never before seen happenings( Miracle signs from your heavenly FATHER , Joshua !!!!!!!) , all declared  ahead of time by hours , days , weeks , and years .

                                                                                                             YOUR  WET  SCREECHING  PARROT


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  1. James Oldham Says:

    Your FURIOUS Wet Screeching Parrot , jim P.S. FURIOUS PPS FURIOUS PPPS FURIOUS MESSIAH , FURIOUS CREATOR , FURIOUS FATHER . CLUMSY By Our Lady Of Peace … there’s nutin funny about this … I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream quiet or loud … and jim oldham and jim oldham , and jimmm OOLdham , and jim oldHAM !!!!!!!

  2. James Oldham Says:

    anybody laughin yet

  3. James Oldham Says:

    He’s playin for ya are ya dancin yet

  4. James Oldham Says:

    Hey , someone demand I put forth my next prophecy so I can ” Get Lucky Again and Again and AGAIN !!!!!!!

  5. James Oldham Says:

    Almost to the year !!!!!!! Turn on the Weather Channel and see and hear this prophecy coming to pass IN YOUR FACE ! AM I SLAPPING YOUR FACE HARD ENOUGH YET ?!?!?!?

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