I think you all are beginning to understand why your Messiah wrote His commandments  in stone . Look around the world today at the devil’s only kingdom . Riots in Greece because the promises the people were told about their retirements and social security benefits were changed . Their contracts not even written in ink . Just penciled in so that when times got tough all those promised got erased and replaced with whatever .

They worked for that money and paid into that insurance plan the government was holding for them.Protecting and drawing interest until the day they retired.

GM employees worked for 25 to 35 years planning for their GOLDEN  YEARS . Suddenly those protected retirement funds weren’t so protected.Promises broken trust gone up in smoke .Now,in government hands they won’t even get HALF of what they worked for and were PROMISED .

Are any of you paying attention ? The USA is going to have to renegotiate your Social Security benefits . Yeah , you paid in and its been in a special fund drawing interest and it has been the one insurance plan you could go to the bank with . Think again !  Its a contract penciled in !  It can so easily be erased and changed !!!!!!! Ask the Greek citizens who believed their governments promises.Ask your Senators that have been stealing your money and retirements for decades now . What good will an IOU be when you need to feed your family or yourself . Not much nutrition in paper and ya mighht get lead poisoning from the lead .

Your Messiah wanted you to know that He wasn’t going to change His laws or commandments . That you would always know how to get along with Him . That His words are always GOOD . That you would always know how to love Him and show Him you really care .That you can depend on Him and His words . Store your treasures in heaven where crooked politicians can’t steal it and prepare for His kingdom that is at hand .

Remember He said , ” This is NOT  My kingdom …” The devil offered the glory of all the kingdoms of the earth to Him if He would only bow down to him. How do you like the devil’s only kingdom , the earth ? Put your trust in his 401 K’s . Make your plans for retirement from the promise of Social Security benefits like the Greeks did . Don’t forget all the IOU’s stuffed in SS funds . The devil can only write in stone on the Guide Stones in Georgia where he promises to kill SIX  BILLION humans to get down to that 500 million mark .

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