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Oh Little Rock again and again and AGAIN !!!!!!!

May 24, 2010

Oh Rosie , relent  !!!!!!!  Oh Mannaseh ,  repent !!!!!!!


May 24, 2010

WATCHIN THE MISSISSIPPI BASISD IN MAJOR FLOODING WATERS GOIN BY , oh my !!!!!!! Got lucky again you say . Well here’s another ONE  for the Holy  ONE  OF  ISREAL . and none but a major , never before seen happenings( Miracle signs from your heavenly FATHER , Joshua !!!!!!!) , all declared  ahead of time by hours , days , weeks , and years .

                                                                                                             YOUR  WET  SCREECHING  PARROT



May 23, 2010

One month of millions of gallons of  CRUD  ( Crude ) pouring into the Gulf EVERYDAY   !!!!!!! Where are you TREE  HUGGERS  ? Bilderbergs ? sacred owl worshippers ? Rich bastards that want to save  Mother Earth by getting rid of FIVE  BILLION  or  so  USELESS  EATERS  ?!?!?!?! When millions of gallons a day of crude oil obamanations are pouring into the Gulf daily ?!?!?!?!?!?! Don’t ever again tell me how much you care for Mother Earth and the sacred owl when you allow this catastrophe in the Gulf to continue everyday.Why haven’t you all blown the well shut yet ? Whether it takes a 100,000 pounds of  C4 or a nuke shut that gusher up !

Put your money where your mouth is and protect your Mother Earth or stop telling us how concerned you are about Carbon pollution and such ! Your a bunch of  SANCTIMONIOUS  ASSHOLES  !!!!!!!


May 23, 2010

Accidents happen when in spite of man’s best efforts and complying with ALL the basic safety measures and procedures something unforeseen or a sudden system breakdown occurs . BP was operating against its own saftey protocols and operating procedures . There was no mud in the pipeline as they poured the concrete plugs and at least two vital safety systems were down !!!!!!!  I won’t even mention low or dead batteries and their possible effects on safety .

These safety measures were in place in case they hit a pocket of excessive gases and increased pressure on the well . It is NOT an accident when you continue to operate with several of your safety systems OFFLINE  or damaged to the point of being dangerous to the rigs operation . This was no accident , but , a deliberate act of ignoring the saftey rules in place to prevent such an accident from occuring , to save some money and put our entire gulf coast and eastern seaboard at risk .

That’s like saying the USSR had an accident at Chernobyl when they were doing experiments on the reactors ignoring so many safety precautions as to being totally INSANE .

Rand Paul are you in bed with the oil companies ? Have they bought your soul ? Are you running interference for them ? Giving them more time to try to salvage a profit out of their mess ? More time to destroy the beauty and ecology of  the Gulf Coast and a lot of the Eastern Seaboard ?

How can the Bilderbergs , and other RICH   BASTARDS  tell us how much they love their MOTHER  EARTH , the sacred owl , saving the earth from us useless eaters when they sit back and continue to allow MILLIONS  of gallons of CRUD ( Crude ) to flow into our environment ? If they really cared at all they’d make BP blow the well even if they need to use a nuke ! Screw the oil and the money it brings !!!!!! Save or wildlife , beaches , and health .

If BP was operating with all equipment and safety procedures being followed and the well blew anyways , then that would be an unforseen accident . This is NOT the case however , and BP was well aware of the diificulty of working on a problem ONE  MILE below the surface and should NOT have been operating against their own safety policies .

Well  BP  pay off a bunch of people and after they write peoples memories the way they want , find that everything they did was according to all safety procedures being followed and in fact they were going well and  above what was called for ?

Rand Paul are you to cozy with the big oil companies ? The Paul’s and Bush’s cut from the same cloth ? BP ‘s execs should be charged with crimes against humanity and everyone who tries to protect them . Seize their assets and freeze all their accounts worldwide to make sure they pay for this catastrophe !!!!!!!! All the money they have is not enough to cover this disaster !!!!!!!

What Of Your Great Faith Governor Crist ?

May 18, 2010

You know that great faith of yours that protects Florida from all disasters !!!!!!!  Since you bragged to the newspapers and TV how you leave prayers in Jerusalem to protect Florida from all disasters,I hold you accountable for that statement and others like it !!!!!!! Now that you’ve switched parties and can’t count on the conservative vote you’re going to run to the liberals and prove what an ungodly man you are by even considering Veto ing the Abortion Bill , and state that it is mean spirited !!!!!!! You would know wouldn’t ya Charlie , about mean spirited things . You’re the biggest most SANCTIMONIOUS   ASSHOLE  I’ve ever known.Next time you speak to the media about your great faith at least you could back it up by actions that prove your words .


May 7, 2010

I think you all are beginning to understand why your Messiah wrote His commandments  in stone . Look around the world today at the devil’s only kingdom . Riots in Greece because the promises the people were told about their retirements and social security benefits were changed . Their contracts not even written in ink . Just penciled in so that when times got tough all those promised got erased and replaced with whatever .

They worked for that money and paid into that insurance plan the government was holding for them.Protecting and drawing interest until the day they retired.

GM employees worked for 25 to 35 years planning for their GOLDEN  YEARS . Suddenly those protected retirement funds weren’t so protected.Promises broken trust gone up in smoke .Now,in government hands they won’t even get HALF of what they worked for and were PROMISED .

Are any of you paying attention ? The USA is going to have to renegotiate your Social Security benefits . Yeah , you paid in and its been in a special fund drawing interest and it has been the one insurance plan you could go to the bank with . Think again !  Its a contract penciled in !  It can so easily be erased and changed !!!!!!! Ask the Greek citizens who believed their governments promises.Ask your Senators that have been stealing your money and retirements for decades now . What good will an IOU be when you need to feed your family or yourself . Not much nutrition in paper and ya mighht get lead poisoning from the lead .

Your Messiah wanted you to know that He wasn’t going to change His laws or commandments . That you would always know how to get along with Him . That His words are always GOOD . That you would always know how to love Him and show Him you really care .That you can depend on Him and His words . Store your treasures in heaven where crooked politicians can’t steal it and prepare for His kingdom that is at hand .

Remember He said , ” This is NOT  My kingdom …” The devil offered the glory of all the kingdoms of the earth to Him if He would only bow down to him. How do you like the devil’s only kingdom , the earth ? Put your trust in his 401 K’s . Make your plans for retirement from the promise of Social Security benefits like the Greeks did . Don’t forget all the IOU’s stuffed in SS funds . The devil can only write in stone on the Guide Stones in Georgia where he promises to kill SIX  BILLION humans to get down to that 500 million mark .


May 2, 2010

Nashville how many times did I play for you , but , you would not dance ? Did the Governor Of Tennessee send me a letter apologizing for failing to acknowledge the packet of letters I sent his office in late Dec 1987 ( 12/22/87) ? Did I not meet with Senator Sassers representative in Clarksville , TN in early 1990 and tell her that even as she IS Senator Sasser , she IS his representative . That I am G_d . If the things written in these letters don’t come to pass , don’t worry about it . BUT , if they do come to pass , YOU  HAVE  SPOKEN  TO  G_D !!!!!!!  In that Courthouse that later got struck by a tornado , that letter can be found at . FLOODS   THE   LIKES   OF   WHICH   WE   HAVE   NEVER   SEEN . Devastate the South worse than the Civil War did…Put Federal troops in the South’s  State Capitals so they can have an excuse for ignoring States and We The Peoples  RIGHTS !!!!!!!  POUND  THEM  INTO  SUBMISSION  !!!!!!!

Athena is NOT flooding you  !!!!!!!   Look  at my earlier POST ;  Little  Rock Memphis Nashville Express and High  Treason  !!!!!!!

21  inches  is  NOT  enough  !!!!!!! To open the people’s eyes so that they can see !!!!!!! To give glory to their Creator !!!!!!! To fall on their knees and wail to their Father for forgiveness !!!!!!!!  To pick the right Messiah to pray to out of the over  1001 false messiahs out there in the over 1001 DIFFERENT   brands  of ” Christian ” churches out there.

In the meantime you all need to play CLUMSY  by  Our  Lady  Of  Peace !!!!!!!  I’ll be watchin ya drown  wavin my hand watchin ya scream quiet or loud Ya need to find a FRIEND ( Your Messiah , Joshua ) Ya need to let HIM  in I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream quiet or loud !!!!!!! …and there’s nothing funny about this …  and  Jim  Oldham   and  Jim  Oldham   and  Jim  Oldham  and Jim  Oldham  and  Jim  OldHAM  !!!!!!!!!!  Gee , ya think  Our  Lady  Of  Peace  read  my letter  to  Senator Sasser ?