Glenn Beck says Socialism NOT part of Bible or Jes_s.

Check my blogs at or here and you will know my position on Luke and Paul’s teachings . How are we going to find what Glenn Beck’s views on Luke and Paul are ? Maybe he owes us an explanation .

He has claimed over and over again in the last several weeks that Obama’s direction for the nation is Socialism guided by the Progressives and that Jes_s and the Bible has no Socialism leanings anywhere.

How does he explain Acts 4 : 32 – 37 and Acts 5 : 1 – 12  ? They were all of one accord and those that hand land or houses sold everything and laid it at the aPaulSaul’s feet so that no one LACKED of anything . Even shows how those that held something back died .

Explain this Glenn or do you just pick and choose what you believe in that Bible ? Luke and Paul will divide us over socialism , the filling of the Holy Spirit , Baptising in the name of Jes_s or the Father,Son,and Holy Spirit,Absolution,to keep ALL the commandments or NOT , whether we are under law or grace,Whether the law was resurrected or NOT,whether our Messiah was lieing when He spoke the words of Matthew 5 : 17 -22 or NOT , and 1001 other contradictions to His words and those of His disciples.

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