Most Unusual Storms Headed Into IOWA !

I have never seen storm and rain clouds racing westward across two states to hit Iowa City and Iowa on the chin. These storms were racing to the west hundreds of miles to add to Iowa’s flooding problems . Lows usually move to the east with a southerly or northerly track , but today I watched rain and storms travel from Indiana across Illinois and into Iowa racing westward !!!!!!! Are the four winds let loose to plague mankind from every direction . Storms colliding , hurricanes traveling all the way around the world ? 200 + MPH   straight line winds raging across America?

I came to Iowa City to warn the State of Iowa . I came as a prophet and Ambassador of our Messiah,Creator, and heavenly Father , Joshua ( Yehoshua ) . The judge laughed at me and asked me if I was under a doctor’s care . Who is laughing now ? What are ya gonna call this current plague ? The 2000 year flood event of 2010 ? I’m praying real hard Governor Culver for PLAGUES and FLOODS  the likes of which Iowa and this nation have ever seen . Stretch out Your mighty Arm Joshua against Iowa . Pick up Your Rod and strike them so many times I’ll lose count .

Governor Culver , I suggest you get out your prayer rug , Braille , and anything else ya got up your sleeve and pray for the people of your State . Put on sackcloth and ask your constituents to do the same and cry out to the Almighty for forgiveness .

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