Washington DC FLOODING !!!!!!!

Obama nation’s capital needs a good thorough WASHING  OUT  !!!!!!! Oh heavenly Faather hear the cries of a nation in Anguish , ” Save us from the evil that sits on the throne in DC !!!!!!!”!!!!!!! Show have the people and nations who they should FEAR , it is NOT the bastards in DC who have the devil as a father  !!!!!!! It is you , our only true Father , our Creator , and Messiah Joshua ( Yehoshua ) who we have should fear and listen to . Out of the infinite depths of Your love rain down on them death and destruction the likes of which they have never seen . So that we the people , the nations , and the world would know who they should be bowing down and worshipping ! Who they all should be praising and giving all glory to !!!!!!!  You Almighty Holy ONE   ISREAL  !!!!!!!

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