Let the games begin !

Is it just me , or are we witnessing the decadence Rome experienced right before their fall ? Your elected buttheads are having a feast on the tax payers money . In bed with the huge corporations raping our 401 K’s . Stealing our money , our futures , and our childrens futures . Whenever large groups of people start protesting they send in the gladiators to smash heads and imprison us .

We can watch Glenn Beck , Alex Jones , and all the film clips at dprogram.net and get completely overwhelmed as to just what to do about the assault on our way of life and freedoms . What’s the average American to do ? We could pick up our guns and hit the streets , but do you really think that would change anything except to get killed and our cities turned into ash dumps ? What would rise from the ashes and if we did turn out those buttheads who would we replace them with ? How long until the corporations corrupted them ?

Lets face our deepest fears and admit that humans have a twisted soul that they bought down from heaven with them as the 1/3 of the angels that rebeled against our heavenly Father . You well never fix this countries wrongs until you fix your twisted souls and fall on your knees with your face to the ground and cry out to our Creator , ” I’m sorry I turned my back on YOU  !  I followed the wrong dude please forgive me ! Oh GOOD TEACHER teach me how to live ! ”

Until a majority of the people repent and become His sons and daughters their can be no hope for this nation ! Know that the USA is one of the devils nations and that the earth is his only kingdom because most of the people bowed down to him and gave up their dominion of the earth our Creator gave us . Our Messiah said that this is NOT  His kingdom ! When its all over we will all know why we should never have listened to the devil to begin with . Look what he has done and is doing to his only kingdom ! Why not follow me and do things my way isn’t my glory as great as HIS ? Is it ? The devils way leads to destruction and death ! Blame him for all the evil that is done down here !

Fight the GOOD fight ! Start praying ! My only hope is that you know who you are praying to ! Obediant children listen and follow their parents rules and ways . Do you keep our Messiah’s laws , Sabbaths , commandments , feast days , ordinances , precepts , and judgements ? Do you think Yehoshua gave us good laws , commandments ,  and rules to follow ? That He had the love and wisdom to give us good rules to follow ? Do you think Luke and Paul showed us who the true Messiah is when they said all you have to keep are these FOUR necessary things throwing away 8  of  10  commandments and hundreds of laws ? Luke and Paul were the first christians in the bible to declare that all you have to keep are TWO  commandments ;  not to eat food offered to idols and to keep yourself from sexual immorality .  Yet   1John 2 : 4  says , ” ANYONE  ( Luke, Paul Christian,Jew,Gentile ) that says I know HIM (Yehoshua ) and keeps NOT  His commandments is a liar and the truth is not in them . ” All TEN of them ! Luke and Paul said that they don’t want to BURDEN you with any more than those 4 necessary things . 1 John 5:3  This is the love of Yehoshua , when we keep HIS commandments and they are NOT burdensome !

Why grant Luke gospel authority when he was NOT an eye witness and never seen or heard our Messiah ? Was it to introduce his boss , Paul ? To contradict the other gospels ? To preach a different gospel than the true disciples ? To preach a different Messiah ? Was Luke’s and Paul’s writtings the origin of a 1001 different Messiahs ? I really hope you all know which ONE is the true Messiah cause there is only ONE  and it is only through HIM that you well get to our FATHER !

I hope I have helped shine a light in all this darkness , but don’t take my word for it . Be hungry and thirsty and don’t settle for someone else to tell you who is your true FATHER . Yehoshua died for you so that His blood could cleanse you and His breath could fill you with the His Holy Spirit and then you could be taught directly from HIM ! Read the bible but be careful to know the difference from the wheat and the tares and His truth shall set you free !!!!!!!

Go to http://www.JamesOldham.com to have a little more light shined on the subject. I love you all,Jim

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