USA grants Eminent Domain to China !!!

Is this high treason ? An outrage against We The People ? Don’t ya think we should have been asked if we were willing to place our backs and necks under the feet of The People’s Liberation Army ? Did Obama go to far to insure that Beijing would keep loaning us money? Money you and your children will have to make good even if the USA Corporation files bankruptcy again !!!!!!! Don’t start rioting though , cause that would just usher in China’s army to protect their interest legally !!!!!! You prepared for Beijing’s idea of JUST compensation for your homes and lands ? Where ya gonna take your Complaint ? China Town or Beijing ? I didn’t like DC having Eminent Domain over my home , I surely don’t like Beijing having it ! Our Messiah said,” This is NOT  My kingdom,if it were legions of angels would come and you could NOT take Me !!!!!!!” The devil would give ALL the kingdoms of the earth and their glory to our Messiah, Yehoshua,if He would just bow to him!!!!!!! They were his to give cause we gave our dominion to the devil . Don’t be suprised though cause this all happened long ago in heaven when we  1/3 of the angels turned our backs on our FATHER and Creator. How many of us 1/3 of fallen angels will make it back to heaven and paradise ? Oh FATHER , start your latter day rains to rain down on all Your children to wake them up to Your truth and glory !!!!!!!

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4 Responses to “USA grants Eminent Domain to China !!!”

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