July 16 th showdown in Vierra , Florida

Will I be allowed to demand Diplomatic Immunity ? Floods , hail,tornadoes,hurricanes,swine flu,flesh eating bacteria,and legionaires disease Oh my !!!!!!! Don’t forget D.C. , Melbourne , Tallahassee , and Vierra !!!!!!! I’m talkin bout Jackson , Jackson’s on my prayer list . Nashville and Atlanta too !!!!!!! How the heck does that Our Lady Of Peace song go again ? You should all know by now . CLUMSY !  I’ll be wavin my hand watchin ya drown watchin ya scream quiet or loud . There’s nothin funny about this !!!!!!! Ya need to let HIM in !!!!!! (  Isreal , Joshua , our heavenly FATHER ) …….. and  Jim  Oldham … and Jim Oldham … and Jim Oldham … and Jim Oldham … and Jim Oldham

One Response to “July 16 th showdown in Vierra , Florida”

  1. James Oldham Says:

    I could have answered that question the day I wrote this entry. I showed up in court to plead diplomatic immunity with supporting documents,letters,and blog postings. I had my review from the Veterans Administration that as much declared me a prophet and was ready to let our heavenly Father speak through me. I had told my wife all along that someone would lean on that deputy sherrif and make sure he didn’t show up for court. He didn’t and the case was dismissed without allowing me to say anything. Why do I bother trying ? I would much have perferred to have at it in court and make all my letters,blogs,and testimony apart of the public record.

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