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June 9, 2014

The Little Rock Memphis , to Nashville Express authority is open for business . Stretch out YOUR mighty arm FATHER and show them what a FURIOUS  MESSIAH  is capable against ALL those that walk contrary to YOU ( Leviticus 26:28 ) . Make sure your kayaks are secured safely to your vehicles !!!!!!!

WASHington DC and Vermont .

September 7, 2011

Oh  VERMONT  again  !

OUR COURTS , Where is JUSTICE , and who is to BLAME ?

August 17, 2011

Who is protecting the Orphans and the Widows ?  Protecting the  RIGHTS  of  We The People against corporations that some suggest are people ? Contract Law can have have ONE signator for a legal contract ? Just how far does UCC 1-207 protect you from enterring into hidden contracts and partial clauses ? When you make your Common  Law  RIGHTS  reservation , does the court have an obligation to honor it under UCC 1-103 ? Can I be tricked into answering the calling of my name ? Am I there as a human being with ALL my Common  Law  RIGHTS  protected ?  Or  am I there as one of the parties of  my  TRUST  ? What  party  ?  Should I bring my own bottle ?

I came forward as  James  Oldham , a natural  born  human being  FREED  by  our  LAMB  and  Messiah , but , the court thought I was something  else . Their property , a subsidiary corporation or  fiction  I  AM   NOT  ! They want me to raise my hand  and  SWEAR  to  tell  the truth , but , you ask them just what kind of law they are practicing under and receive silence , not a word . They are practicing under  TRUST  LAW , admiralty/maritime , Roman Civil , and the Uniform Comercial Code . Take your pick , but , don’t suppose you’ll get the TRUTH  from  OUR   Courts . No  ! Chicanery , trickery , lies , and deceit  where their only goal is to ROB you of your hard earned labor . Laborers in their fields is ALL you are to them .

Are you the Trustee  ,  Beneficiary , or Trustor  of  your  Trust ? Are you going to testify against yourself ? Prosecute yourself ? How can  ONE  defend  themselves if they don’t know what  RULES  or  LAW  they are operating  under ? Are those judges a secret  CULT  of  priests sworn to secrecy ? All rise or ALL  bow  ,  what is the difference ? I must worship the ground the judge walks on and kiss his black robe ? Become my own  ACCUSER  ?

Just how far does a timely  reservation of my Common Law  RIGHTS  under UCC 1-207 and 1-308  go ? Why include this in the Code if the judges won’t honor it ? When they call your name are you still protected from hidden contracts and clauses ? Do you have to ask just what the Court is calling forth ? A slave cause of my request for a certificate of live birth and my social security number ? The vessel , JAMESOLDHAM ? The FICTION ? The STRAWMAN ?

How have OUR  COURTS , that our heavenly FATHER Instituted by Jethro and Moses suggestion , become a DEN  Of  THIEVES ? DECEIVERS ? THUGS ?

What is this THING  they  throw around ?  The  RULE  OF  LAW  ? Whether Criminal , Civil , or traffic if there is no Common  Law  Rights there can be no  CONSTITUTION or Bill  Of  Rights . No hope for JUSTICE . If there are no rules , no laws , no rights then the Court can do anything they want with you . Throw you in FEMA  CAMPS or in the oven makes no difference to them . They have to many USELESS  EATERS  anyways .

Pick up your smart phones and rocks and get busy , for it is you all who is to BLAME for this INJUSTICE . Can you try someone who is NOT present in the Courtroom ? Yet , I have seen them do so ! Call forth witnesses to testify that the one accused can never cross examine ! Whatever happened to the right to face your ACCUSER and question them ? To a FAIR and IMPARTIAL  trial ? You sit watching your god broadcasting your favorite team and do nothing . You sit and watch your god tell you how to react and think . What to say and do . You all  are pathetic . You should be in your  LEGAL   HALLS  OF   SHAME  demanding  JUSTICE  ! SHOUTING ,  I   AM  ALIVE   !!!!!!!  WITH  RIGHTS   AND  FREEDOMS   !!!!!!!  I  am  NOT  a  dead thing  !  A  FICTION   !!!!!!!   Your   PROPERTY  !!!!!!! Judge Majeed threw out any hope of the appearence of a FAIR  and  IMPARTIAL  trial  by answering for  Deputy Wendy Crowe and refusing to let her answer my questions . I almost asked Judge Majeed if they ( The plaintif and the judge ) were a  TAG  TEAM ? Justice to the left of you JUSTICE to the right , speak when you are spoken to and don’t pretend your right .CONSTITUTION   SCREW UP , SENT ( By our heavenly FATHER ,  ( Oldham is pronounced ODUM ) (  to spill the beans ,  this lifes not for living , its for fighting and for war , no matter what the TRUTH is , HOLD  ON  to what is yours ….. Hold on ,ODUM , wait maybe the answer is looking for you , HOLD   ON  ,  ODUM , SONSHINE  shine on you , SONSHINE  shine on through …( Yes, 90125  HOLD  ON )

Go to Vierra , Florida and the Moore  Justice  center and demand the digital recording of 8/11/11  at 0900 in Judge Majeed’s courtroom 3A  ,   THE  STATE  OF  FLORIDA  Vs  JAMES  RICHARD  OLDHAM  05-2011-031478-AXXX-XX . I spoke up ! I demanded my rights and for the Court to protect them not run roughshod over them . I requested the State Of Florida  recognise that I am an AMBASSADOR  of  our  heavenly  FATHER  and grant me Diplomatic  Immunity  . A request that went totally IGNORED , as if it was not a reasonable or valid request . Is  FLORIDA  in  battle  against  me and Who  I  represent ? Does FLORIDA  choose to ignore  their  CREATOR  ? Is  FLORIDA  refusing to recognise We The Peoples  religious freedoms ?

What have you Floridians  allowed your State and Courts to become ? You are lost . You don’t know what your FOREFATHERS  fought for anymore . You all have become as  PLASTIC  as  the digital recording of that proceeding .


July 25, 2011

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> Entry for June 22, 2009
  • To the Remnant that comes out of the USA ,

    To those that find our only true Messiah and Creator , don’t only hold on to
    what faith remains in you , but run to a holy place in your heart and minds
    !!!!!!! The great tribulation is upon us . A time that mankind has never seen
    before , unlike nothing that we could ever have imagined ! Do not be deceived by
    those who say here is our Messiah , for many false aPaulSauls have already been
    here and many more well come , promising you all a rapture that will never come
    . To you all not written in the book of the living , your suffering will go on
    until the day you die. To those of you written in the book of the living , your
    suffering is just beginning ! So that Yehoshua can burn the dross out of you ,
    refine you as silver or gold . To test you and see who will remain true until
    the end . No more war and violence in the heavens !!!!!!! No thieves , liars ,
    Sabbath breakers , parent haters , disobediant , false diety worshippers , greed
    , law breakers , and those that hate our Father’s laws , commandments , feast
    days , ordinances, precepts , and judgements !!!!!!! No murderers and adulterers
    either !

    Yehoshua , Holy ONE Of Isreal , hear our prayer and answer it swiftly and
    remorselessly !!!!!!! Except for the Southeast , Florida , the Mid Atlantic ,
    and the Northeast bind up the heavens and make their skies like iron and their
    land not covered by blowing sand like brass !!!!!!! Make this drought , oh
    heavenly FATHER worse than the drought of ” 33 ” that GREAT DUST BOWL !!!!!!! As
    the rich have their feet on our necks making us eat dirt , so , make them eat
    dirt !!! Let all the people fear where the winds will pick up bringing them huge
    dust storms !!!!!!! Where it rains in one city let it not rain in the city next
    to them . Let it only rain in part of a city and not in the other parts . When
    it does rain let it bring huge hail , shrieking winds , and tornadoes !!! May
    that rain also kick up the dust storms !!!!!!! Oh FATHER !!!!!!! Turn up the
    heat !!!!!!! Let the sun burn hotter as You promised us in Revelations

    Father , don’t forget Washington DC the center of most of the evil in this
    world !!!!!!! Send tronadoes ripping through the heart of the district ! Send
    tropical storms and hurricanes to it !!!!!!! Let huge hailstones pound them
    unmercifully ! Let thunder echo in their streets seemingly without end !!!!!!!
    Flood them so bad you can anchor a destroyer right next to the Whitehouse . Let
    the Eastern seaboard have such huge storms and floods that they almost will wish
    to be in the heartland eating dust and dirt !!!!!!! But, let them not worry
    about that , cause as the drought really gets going , the dust storms will
    eventually roll into their towns too !!!!!!!

    Father, to those that have Your mark on them , protect them as the most
    precious of all . Let the plagues and pestilence pass over them . If any of Your
    own owns farmland in the drought area , give them rain without the hail and
    tornadoes . Let the rich and the corporations land blow away !!!!!!!

    Oh Heavenly FATHER , stretch out Your mighty Arm as we now are praying , so
    that the USA and the world can see that this has been proclaimed in Your name
    and Spirit that issues forth from Your Mouth ! To all those that see this ,
    believe, and repent breath on them Your Holy Spirit and begin to teach and mold
    them .


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The Missouri River Basin Is At Biblical Flood Levels and the NEW DUST BOWL .

July 13, 2011

After 26 years of prophesying to this nation and the world it has come down to this . Leviticus 26 : 27 – 35  And after all this , if you do not obey  ME  , but walk contrary to  ME , then I   also  will  walk  contrary  to  you  in  a  FURY  :  and  I  evn  I  ,  will chastise  you  SEVEN   TIMES   for  your  sins . You shall eat the flesh of your sons , and you shall eat the flesh of your daughters . I  will  destroy  your  high  places , cut down your incense alters , and cast your  CARCASSES   on  the  lifeless  forms  of  your  idols ; and  MY   soul  shall  abhor  you .  I  WILL  LAY  YOUR  CITIES  WASTE ( Oh say can you see by the path of all the debris fields , and  the  SCREECHING  WINDS  ,  the dams bursting upstream  , gave proof to the fact that our  FURIOUS  LAMB  was  still there .   Oh say , does that blood still flow ….)  and bring your sanctuaries to desolation , and I will not smell the fragrance of your sweet aromas . I will bring the land to desolation , and your enemies who dwell in it shall be astonished  at  it . I will scatter you among the nations and draw  out a sword  after you  ; your land shall be desolate and your cities waste .  Then  the  land  shall enjoy its sabbaths as long as it lies desolate and you are in your enemies  land  ; then the land shall rest and enjoy its sabbaths . As long as it  lies desolate it shall rest — for the time it did not rest on your sabbaths when you dwelt in it .

Do you believe that granting rights to homosexuals and protecting them under law is NOT walking contrary to your  REDEEMER ? Your Creator ? Your  LAMB ? Allowing them the same legal status as a man and a woman in marriage is  NOT  walking contrary to  HIM ? That tearing down the laws that Jethro and Moses instituted is NOT walking contrary to Joshua  IsReal ?  That the throwing away of HIS  ten commandments  HE  wrote with  HIS  own hand in stone is NOT walking contrary to a now  FURIOUS  LAMB  !  A   FURIOUS   LAMB  . This nation , the USA ( Manasseh ) has suceeded in making our  LAMB   FURIOUS  . What an event  !

Strike them into  POTSHERDS   ,oh  FURIOUS   LAMB .  Again and Again  and  AGAIN .

TOLEDO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 11, 2011

Joshua IsReal please grab Your mighty mighty iron rod and strike TOLEDO to POTSHERDS  again and again and again . Is this where they shed my blood ? Mocked me in court ? … and he claims he’s a PROPHET  !!!!!!!

St Louis

June 27, 2011

You are the capital of the SHOW  ME  STATE  . A month ago on May 23 rd  I asked you all  if you have  SEEN  ENUF  yet  ?  The Express Authority has been extended was the post . 6 inches of rain in a few hours , giant hail putting cute dimples in your cars , and thunder echoing in your streets without end keeping you awake at night are among the few things to plague you all . How many different thunderstorm complexes have bombarded you since I posted this PEOPLE  OF  ST  LOUIS  ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  How many paid you a visit before I posted this ? Look back at and see how many times I have asked you all questions and pointed out your coming disasters . Come on Joshua IsReal smash them to POTSHERDS with your iron rod , SHOW  THEM  that they are stubborn as Jackasses and will NOT acknowledge YOUR mighty outstretched arm at work in St Louis ? How many times do you have to show them ? The Mississippi  and The  Missouri coming together in St Louis , Oh  boy … and the dams bursting upstream … the levees washing away … gave proof to the fact that your Messiah was right there . You shouldn’t be the show me state but the STATE  OF  JACKASSES .

Someone play CLUMSY  for  me ……………….  I’ll be watchin ya drown  wavin my hand ………… Come on folks of St Louis sing along now  !

To The Folks In Atlanta .

June 22, 2011

Why   HELLo  HOTlanta  ,

How   YOU   ALL  doing . How many times have I warned you all ? and you are a State Capital and home of a most weird and distrustful  CNN  and those scientist loving weather channel . So close to the sacred owl ,  mom nature , and the Guidestones . Looks like an army marching into Atlanta again ! It’s not about the amount of rain , but , the amount of wind , straight line and NOT and the size of the hail ………  and the destruction coming out of the air  …  the  purplr  radar  returns … give  proof of the FACT  that Joshua was  striking  right  there … oh  how long well  MY  children not repent … just what do I have to do … and  to le do to !

New Dust bowl worse than 30’s,26 Years Of Prophesyand LEVI ticus 26

June 22, 2011

Gee , check out for why it has been 26 years of prophecying . 26 years of our FATHER sending me to prophesy and warn Americans to relent and repent , TURN  AROUND !  Wake up and smell the carcasses decomposing under the debris fields . They were thrown on the lifeless forms of their idols . I have been warning YOU  ALL  for years and years . Geocities , ” . The Tares and the wheat ” and on this blog since 2007 . I prophesied the Mississippi River flooding a year ago . I warned Clarksville and Nashville before that Great  Flood that destroyed Opryland ; Little Rock , Memphis , Nashville Express , HIGH  TREASON , and 15 Inches is NOT enough . At ( Reallyelijah ) on April 14th one of my first post there was for Joshua Isreal to pick up HIS iron rod and start smashing the heartland to POTSHERDS  AGAIN  AND  AGAIN   AND  AGAIN .  I  HAVE  DONE  MY  JOB  !!!!!!!  COCK A   DOODLE  DOOOOOOOOO   ,  WAKE  UP  and stop hitting the snooze button !  You ALL  red in the face from me slapping the pork crap out of you  ALL  ?  You  ALL  can’t understand why your LOVING  MESSIAH  would do this to you and your churches ?  AFTER   26  YEARS  it has come to this …. AND  AFTER  ALL  THIS and you still will  NOT  obet  ME  and walk  contrary  to  ME  ,  I  WILL  WALK  CONTRARY  TO  YOU   ALL   IN  A   FURY ( LEVI  ticus  26 : 28 )  .  A  FURY  !  A  FURIOUS  MESSIAH !  I  WILL  LAY  YOUR  CITIES   WASTE … SMASH  THEM  ALL  TO  POTSHERDS  OH  FURIOUS  MESSIAH ,  OH  FURIOUS  FATHER  ,  OH  MIGHTY  JOSHUA  ISREAL  !!!!!!!  OHHHH  SAY  CAN  YOU  SEE  BY  THE  PATH  OF  ALL  THOSE  DEBRIS  FIELDS  , AND  THE   CARCASSES  STENCH ,  AND  THE  TORNADOES  RAINING  DOWN  GAVE  PROOF  THAT  THEIR  NECKS  AND  HEARTS  WERE   STILL  MADE  OF  IRON …

Governor Terry Branstad Of Iowa

June 9, 2011

Hey Terry,
Those days are here.Tell the Judges they can only marry same sex people on rainy days and Mondays ! Get out your prayer rug , jump up and down on one leg ! Start signing and put your petitions in Braille to that deaf and dumb deity your praying to to protect your great state of Sodomy and hogs from FLOODING along the Missouri River. Have you looked out your window lately ? Create jobs by starting rubber ducky factories , your constituents are your market . Play CLUMSY by Our Lady Of Peace for me will ya ? Come on now Terry and sing along … I’ll be watching you drown waving my hand watching you scream quiet or loud there’s nothing funny about this and ya really need a FRIEND ( Terry you need to pick a different Messiah to pray to as the one you’ve picked isn’t working for you , but don’t worry you won’t run out of false messiahs to choose from anytime soon as there’re at least a thousand more to choose from )… I’ll be watchin you drown ( Watching your levees fail and dams bursting ) Waving my hand watching you scream quiet or loud ( Screaming doesn’t seem to be working for ya either and this is where signing and Braille comes in handy)…and at the end of this song … and Jim Oldham and Jim Oldham ….